Snapshot 1.0.340.7 - Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

  • This black screens usually start to appear when I fill up my RAM. I have 12GB of RAM and when I fill up to about about 11.7GB black screens appear. When I restart the browser or just close the black tab and reopen it, everything is ok. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the response. I will try to do it but this time on my much faster Lenovo laptop.

  • Paypal?
    Has anyone successfully done a Paypal payment?

    No matter what I do when I click on a shop's pay button I end up on Paypal's start page instead of landing on the page showing the concrete transaction details to be confirmed.
    My layman's analysis indicates this is due to the entire URL parameters getting lost prior to/when the new tab opens up. This is really bad.


  • Here it's broken in the sense, that vivaldi tells me "unsupported plugin". Current vivaldi snapshop on debian linux.

  • where's the problem? STFU about this childish problem.

  • **BUG:**I can not login to by using my Meteor account!

  • Bock,

    What sites are not working?
    Edit: Do you mean Vivaldi is not blocking pop-ups/pop-unders or you can't get to the Content page?

    I can get to the Content page from anywhere in Vivaldi by left-clicking the Omnibox (padlock/whatever), even from the 'internal' pages like History:-

    From the Comments page here on

    Or just type in 'chrome://settings/content'. It will load and change to 'vivaldi://settings/content', then you can scroll down to Pop-ups:-

  • For the first time, I'm getting quite a few crashes on sites that haven't before

  • Mmm, nope, they left it out.

    Switching processor modes from 64-bit to 32/16 bit is roughly the same type of ordeal that happened with the old 80286 and you have to reset the processor.

    That's like turning off your car to change gears and installing a different drivetrain. :shock:

  • Are we going to see POST search support any time soon? This is one of the things I'm really missing.

  • Like others I find Vivaldi to be not as fast to open or render as Opera of old, or even Pale Moon, which is the half-baked alternative I'm using until someone can produce a proper pre-Chrome-based Opera replacement. Also, I notice the Mail icon has gone from the side panel, which implies that Mail has been dropped. If this is the case, my involvement with trialing Vivaldi ends right here.

    You might claim to be making an Opera replacement, but the reality isn't turning out that way, so far this is just Chrome with a different GUI. Shame.

  • Mail hasn't been shelved, they just removed the icon. Stick around it's just going to improve.

  • The new HTML5 notifications are sweet but like many things in vivaldi they don't work correctly on a multi-monitor setup.

    I run vivaldi on my secondary monitor (to the right) and the notifications will only pop up on the bottom right corner of the primary monitor.

    Same with the browser menu, opens on the top right side of the primary monitor. Settings window also opens on the primary monitor, same for "open link in new window"

    It would be really nice if that got finally fixed.

    Windows 8, newest Snapshot

  • Moderator

    Not as-installed, no. But, you can install a 32-bit version of Windows inside a virtual machine and run 16-bit applications there. Or, you can install Windows 3.1 in DOSBox.

  • HTML5 notifications aren't working as intended for me.
    I visit site with HTML5 notifications
    it asks me if I want to allow notifications. I click Deny.
    Next, I continue browsing internet in the same tab and the same request to allow notifications on shows up later on other sites, it may appear 3-5 sites later.
    And each time I visit the notification is shown. My preference to deny notifications isn't saved.
    Very annoying.

  • When done setting a scale for all the pages at once? All sites Small Windows 125%

  • Bug? Hitting "up arrow" in a text box, just like this one, causes the address bar to open down. (Linux)

  • Bug? (and a curious one) The one-key shortcuts from the numerical keyboard are not working - or better, the key mapping seems to be wrong, instead of '123…' I get 'ABC...' when I press the keys on the preferences page trying to set a shortcut. And 'N' instead of '.'

  • This is now on my list of must-watch films!

  • ok but why when I click to update my vivaldi - it won't update to 1.0.340.7 ???


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