Snapshot 1.0.334.3 - Fixes for tab title cropping and Windows XP

  • Vivaldi Team

    Here is a small update with a few key bugs fixed, including the problem with tab title cropping and broken Windows XP support.

    See the full blog post here

  • mmh, serious fuckup somewhere. I updated 10 minutes ago to .330, then was instantly prompted to update to .334, did that…
    and now ALL my own bookmarks are GONE (instead I get the default folders I have zero interest with...) and cherry on the cake, I can't even drag icon before http to the bookmaks bar to bookmark pages on the fly , nothing happens anymore, bookmark bar (ctrl/Shift/B) remains empty... WTF ??

  • Hidden extension buttons can`t be reactivated. The option „show button“ in vivaldi://extensions is still missing.

  • You know if it got lost when you updated to .330 or .334? What os are you on?

  • I wish I knew, as I said, just after update to 330 (like 2 seconds) I was prompted to update to 334 and agreed so it closed and updated instantly to 334, I never had the "chance" to use 330

    anyway, all bookmarks are lost that's for sure… and the bookmarks bar bug which can't be used to drop bookmarks on it anymore (can't tell if it's 330 or 334 specific bug either...) is beyond annoying, the only way to add adresses is to use the panel now...

    currently win7 64 bits with standard 32 bit installation;

  • Yes! More updates! Finally solved the Search in Page issue!
    Keep it up!

    Edit: this is an issue that comes from the previous build and still persists on this one. Pressing SHIFT + Esc to bring up the Task Manager crashes Vivaldi. Opening the TM through the Help Menu doesn't.

    Vivaldi 64-bits, Windows 7 x64.

  • thanks for great browser!
    i wish vivaldi to be my next browser for everyday usage but i need normal portability
    1. extensions disappearing after start on other pc
    2. standalone vivaldi creates alot of keys in registry
    3. portable plugins (copy to vivaldi folder and use it, example - flash)
    can someone tell me is that issues fixed or will be fixed (is there plans for normal portability)

  • oh and I can't even import data to retrieve some old bookmarks at least from chrome, my current chromium 46 doesn't seem to be supported, bookmark import data just says "done" in half a second without importing anything…^

    at least import html bookmarks file works. now back to panel to move everything up from "imported"...

  • Vivaldi Team

    Could the install have started using a different profile directory perhaps?

  • Moarrr updates, cool. Since the TP .330.3 I felt Vivaldi smoother when using it: Options form opened faster, switching between tabs was also fast, and that's great.
    Continue with the good work guys!

  • nope, only the bookmarks vanished, I still have all my extensions…

  • GIVE ME setting MINIMUM SCALE and minimum size fonts for all sites! all sites very small on default in fullHD monitor

  • BUG:
    A click in the search bar loses focus, it works after the second click and it happens only on the speed dial page, not on a loaded tab.

    W7 64

    edit: Still impossibru to delete input on vbulletin forums with backspace, without it taking me a page back.

  • That's weird, I just updated Vivaldi to the last TP and I still having all the bookmarks I had in the previous TP: they appear in both the bookmars bar and in the bookmarks panel.

  • I lost everything from panel too.
    Retreived after browser restart.
    But its buggy, i click on web panel, then again on bookmarks panel, and it wont switch, stuck on web panel.

    This reminds me, never ever again to update before reading comments until they let us update our data somehow.

    Plus sometimes i get stuck on tab, click on others but it wont change from previous web page.

  • Thanks for fixing XP - Win10 64 bit was OK, but last snapshot for XP was really unstable.

  • Is your new "Trash" folder in bookmarks empty? Also are you using any addon that modifies bookmarks? Like f.ex xmarks?

  • Updated from 330 to 334 (Windows 10):
    For 330 I had Vivaldi fixed to the taskbar.
    Vivaldi was active and I was informed about a new version and updated.

    [Note: I am using a non-English version so I am not sure about the exact wording in Windows 10.]

    After the update, when Vivaldi was started again I got an extra Vivaldi entry beside the fixed Vivaldi shortcut on the task bar.
    When closing the extra entry disappeared, the fixed one stayed fixed.

    Starting again the extra entry appeared again.
    The resolution was to remove the 'old' fixed entry and fix the 'new' entry to the taskbar.

    Please confirm.

  • The bug, where all tabs went black with a white square in the upper left corner still exists.
    The tabs going black cannot even be reloaded. one has to restart the browser, but then the tabs will get black after a few minutes again.
    Downgraded to Vivaldi.1.0.321.3.exe again

  • I just tried to use the panel bar. Then I noticed that some panels would not open (even Bookmarks and Downloads) . Sometimes a panel will open if you click several times. Or if you open other panel(s) first… Seems to be completely random.

    Been like this since the "Hide Title" function was introduced.

    I tried the Toggle images function on the Status Bar and selected No Images. It works on the current page, but if I load another page, all images are shown.
    Is that correct?
    (the indicator on the status bar indicates "No Images" for all subsequent pages)

    Win7x64 Vx32


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