Snapshot 1.0.330.3 - Trash folder for bookmarks and notes, plus panel hiding

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot adds a trash folder to bookmarks and notes, and added the ability to show which panels to display. We also fixed a handful of long-standing bugs, some highlights being adding the missing Up (stop loading) mouse gesture and giving you the chance to clear your closed tabs list. We also upgraded Chromium to 47.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thank you for the update.

    I am missing "Mail" and "Contacts" in the Panel hiding menu. Is that correct?

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Moderator

    1. BUG Folders bar (bookmarks) are outside of the browser

    2. The same problem in a smaller window. In addition misses the mark "+"

    3. Missing of dynamic search or search suggestions - google, bing…

    Cheers 🙂

  • Just leaving this here… I'll update it later !

  • Finally! Thank you very much! Almost happy now 😃

  • I noticed that both icons are missing as well on win 8.1 64 bit, Vivaldi 1.0.330.3, 32 bit. The contacts-icon is missing for a few builds now, but the mail icon is missing for the first time.

    I do not know why.

  • Clicking on web panel that shows mobile site, kinda removes padding or border, some of letters are missing.
    To fix that i need to right click on web panel icon, after that padding is back to normal, and must click somewhere else to remove right click menu.

  • Requests:

    • Activate next tab after closing current tab
    • Show popup with URL on link hover when status bar is hidden
    • Search suggestions in address bar
    • Dockable Developer tools


    • There is no information about downloading if side bar is hidden
    • It is hard to copy or change part of URL - when I click on address bar, protocol appears or certificate with company name disappear - it changes position of URL string

  • Win 7 64 bit, 8 Gig, 32 Viv

    Looks good guys for now just installed gets better for me every-time so fingers crossed. Hopefully that buggy, memory hog, Chromium engine will be more streamlined and work better with this new version Chromium 47.

    Looks like you had to do a lot so Thanks again…

    After about 10 min with FF open also 2% CPU 2100Meg Free and SO FAR seems ROCK solid...maybe this is it with 47.
    I don't want to get my hopes up too high but check Viv Taskmaster and only a few things running and hasn't populated all my tabs and SAME with Info for nurds. I am just going to let it sit for a long while and see if it stays that way...something tells me it will!

    Maybe spoke to soon I don't know if it is SUPPOSE to do it this way but fully populated my Taskmaster screen went to 100% CPU and 500Meg Free and now has settled down to 25% CPU and 404 Meg free this may be what it's suppose to do. Hasn't crashed yet.

  • When I hide an extension button and restart Vivaldi, the button is visible again.

  • Save to Pocket still not working 😞

  • The hidden button of Adguard got visible when I updated to the latest 1.0.330.3 version. But when I hid the button again it didn't get visible after I restarted Vivaldi. Not sure what problem is on your side?

  • I eagerly look forward to what surprise every week Vivaldi brings to the community. 🙂

  • Thanks for the new snapshot 🙂
    How about to put "History" and "Clear Browsing Data" on one screen. To delete history would be faster then in all other Chromium Browsers and it's also more comfortable

  • Unfortunately, now less web panels displays in the mobile version as in the penultimate version. For example > Google translater or also your Vivaldi Webmail, at least Vivaldi Mail with new interface 😢
    I don't checked your other webmail version.

  • Ah, I love updates day. Well, today's updates don't affect me much, but it's always nice seeing that list of fixed bugs increasing.

    I just want to know two things (which are my current major concerns):

    1. When are you going to add more rows and columns on the Speed Dial? I know you're working on it and programming is hard, plus you gotta keep up with Chromium updates and you must have other priorities by now. But still, it would be reassuring to have a word on the matter.

    2. When are you planning to make heavy performance improvements? Right now, Vivaldi just EATS all the RAM and CPU I have (which isn't much, mind you), making other programs too sluggish and irresponsive, and sometimes becoming this as well. Also, closing and starting can take too long.

  • where is the default zoom level? 😢

  • Getting a crash consistently when opening certain blocked pop-up windows… entered VB-10949.

  • Regression:
    Trying to open "File manager" with Shift+Esc combination crashes Vivaldi in this snapshot. There was no problem with this before.

    Menu > Tools > Task Manager works OK though

  • Please fix GMX Mailcheck extension…


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