Snapshot 1.0.321.3 - Tab closing improvements and extension fixes

  • Vivaldi Team

    This is our first snapshot since the beta and we have fixed almost 50 bugs and made further improvements with tab behaviour. Two key fixes that we know some of you were waiting for are: backspace once again navigates in history and several more popular extensions are now working correctly.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks for the new snapshot.

    Lost all my session data after the update.

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Using auto update from former snapshot? Or manual update of the beta? Did you only loose sessions or other data? Bookmarks f.ex?

  • Auto update from previous snapshot. Bookmarks and speed dial were OK.

    A couple of small issues:

    If you click on a menu item when the Vivaldi window does not have the focus, the menu will open - and close immediately. So you have to click again. (Always been like this. Other browsers are OK).

    Some PDFs do not load. OK in Opera 34 and IE 9 (!).
    (character set (ÆØÅ) problem, maybe). Example:

  • Tab size bug:
    1. Open some tabs.
    2. Close a single tab with the mouse and keep the mouse in the tab area
    3. Press Ctrl+T to open a lot more tabs. The tabs row now expand beyond the native window buttons.

    I would say that Ctrl+W and Ctrl+T (Opening and closing tabs without the mouse) should disable the fixed tab size again.

  • A question: I have the beta version installed as stand-alone. Going forward with snapshots, what is the best/recommended approach to carry my beta-version customizations and personal data into this post-beta snapshot if it's again installed stand-alone, but in addition to the beta version (in a separate folder) instead of over top of it? Is it safe and compatible to copy the whole User Data folder into the new install, only certain subfolders, or just certain files (if so, which)?

  • Vivaldi Translator


  • I hate backspace for history navigation! It can only disrupt your typing. I cannot understand how can exist mouses without thumb buttons in 2015…

  • Still no global webpage zoom. sigh

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I use my mouse thumb buttons to mimic ctrl+c and ctrl+v…
    There must be something for everybody. You hate backspace, some love it, other prefer the rocker gesture, other ctrl+left... That's Vivaldi 🙂

  • Yea, it would actually be nice to be able to disable this again.

  • Vivaldi Team

    You can copy the profile over from beta into the snapshot location (since it is an upgrade). Load vivaldi://about in both installs to see where the profile folder is located.

  • I wanted to start celebrating when I read "tab closing improvements", but there's still no way to define which tab is focused when a tab is closed.


    I hate backspace for history navigation! It can only disrupt your typing. I cannot understand how can exist mouses without thumb buttons in 2015…

    It's not supposed to happen in input fields, only when focus is on main document.. Like all other browsers does.. Or do you see if happening more than it should?

  • True. But the thing is, you can't disable the "Backspace" shortcut.

    Pressing backspace while thinking you are in an input field (sites can trick you), can cause a site navigation, dismissing the work you have done so far.

  • Thanks as always… You've been great this past couple of weeks...


    1. Make a 2-tab stack and then close one of them, then press "Ctrl + Shift + T" for the closed tab to appear again only to see that it has a bar on top of it (a single tab shouldn't have a bar like that… it's supposed to be used for Stacks)

    2. Do #1 (Not that!) and then first close the normal tab and after that try to close the tab with the bar on top of it… this crashes Vivaldi...

    Feature Requests :

    1. Select multiple tabs by holding "Ctrl" and clicking on them and then select "Pin Tab" => It should pin all of them and not just the first… overally we should be able to do group actions on multiple selected tabs...

    2. Close Tabs to the Left/Right

    3. Individual jumping options for when you scroll tabs with Mouse Scroller or with "Ctrl + Tab".

  • As I wrote in another comment, thinking you are in an input/textarea field while not actually being, still triggers the navigation. Which causes me to loose the work I have done on the site.
    I have done this on multiple sites which use Javascript to overwrite the native navigation between inputs. I tried to delete some text, and the navigation was triggered instead, because JS removed the focus.

    I know it's kinda edge case. But adding backspace to the shortcut settings would be nice.

  • Having a toggleable option for it would be nice, imo. I'm very much used to using it since the Windows explorer offers that functionality, but with some sites it may be tricky.

  • It's not something that happens often, or with Vivaldi (I haven't installed it yet) but in the years it happened hundreds o times.

  • While my show stopper "(VB-9113) Bookmarklets are not working" bug is still here, I have to admit that you are doing a great job ironing out other bugs. I mean 50 bug fixes since the beta… wow, great job guys! 🙂


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