Vivaldi launches its first beta

  • Yep, I too am having my thumbnails disappearing after a few restarts. Custom thumbnails would be nice so it doesn't always try fetching them each time we click the dial. It also seems to time out to quickly and I often end up with blank dials.

    When using side tabs with thumbnails, if I restart the browser with the speed dial as the selected tab, the thumb does not load properly and shows a white background with greyed out dials.

    It would also be nice to have a setting adjust the tab size since we can no longer do this in the common.css

  • I'm having trouble getting Facebook to play Flash Video.

  • Great job!!! Thank you! I have been waiting for sync option.

  • I've had this a few times: a mangling of the web page when using cPanel, and crashes with cPanel too. With the crashes, ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Top Sites reaches approx. 100MB. Other than that, great job! Still holding out for import of client certificates (I actually need this more than I thought).

    EDIT: can we not add images any more?

  • Can't login into Xmarks plugin. It would be helpful since you don't yet have synchronization feature.

  • Hallo. Have a new idea: pressing the Home button lead to a home page of the current site (as an option).
    I have never used this button before (when possible I'd delete it)

  • For advanced users with SSDs concerned that Vivaldi can end up writing to the TopSites file in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\Default frequently and also often creates fresh JumpListIcons and JumpListIconsOld folders containing lots of files, I have found a hack.

    It involves editing vivaldi.dll, using a RAM Disk and creating Junction folders so if you are not confident, do not attempt!

    1. Close Vivaldi.
    2. Using your favourite binary file editor, open the vivaldi.dll file (e.g. in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\Application\1.0.x.y).
    3. Search for "Top Sites" (double-byte Unicode) and replace with "Top\Sites" (There are two matching locations; I changed both).
    4. Search for "JumpListIcons" (double-byte Unicode) and replace with "JmpList\Icons" (One match; note that there is no "u" in Jmp to preserve the string length.
    5. Create folder Junctions for Top and JmpList that point to folders on your RAM Disk which you must ensure get auto-created before Vivaldi launches, so that the Junction mappings are correct.
    6. Save vivaldi.dll and run up Vivaldi.
    7. Check that after opening the Speed Dial you are seeing new files/folders in both the folders you created on the RAM Disk.

    My SSD I/O is now down to acceptable levels even when V gets into a state where it's constantly writing to (what was) the TopSites file.

    Note: Of course, you will lose your icons and so on each time you reboot with this hack unless you write logoff/on scripts to preserve your RAM Disk contents. Also you'll need to do this to the new vivaldi.dll every time you upgrade Vivaldi (and this hack might no longer work).

  • The thing I am missing most of all is the possibility to give lots of personalized items like address, names, telefonenumbers etc. Formerly this was to be find in "Forms" (? German version: "Formulare"). I have to fill in forms so often and all the time they are different of I have to give another adress than my home adress or a different tel.number and so on. Typing all this everytime anew is my biggest pet peeve.
    And of course I am waiting for the mail client ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Make interface monitors fullHD normal size, very small right now

  • See my entry, six days ago; Have raised THIS for ages, but some (Ayespy)
    seem not to consider THIS of value. For me, I think that He is wrong.

  • Great work guys ! I'm encountering keyboard focus issues sometimes : for example, I'm chatting with Hangouts in a Gmail window, and whenever I'm pressing Enter (to submit a message), focus goes to Downloads tabs, hence opens my latest downloaded file.
    Anyone experienced this before (not a big deal though) ? I'm running on ArchLinux with latest Plasma (5.4.2) installed. Best regards and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • As an addition for linux users: i mounted the folder ~/.cache/vivaldi-snapshot with tmpfs and made a link from ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Top\ Sites to that .cache folder. Works flawlessly (if you have enough ram).

  • One thing which would be handy was the little programmable page reload that used to be on Opera. Some sites (Craigslist, for example) update automatically but I cannot see this without manually reloading the page. Would this be possible?

  • For the time being I use FormBox.

  • I have tried a few of the TPs. I had hoped that the beta would be able to change the
    cache location and clear the cache on exit. Since it will not do those things I will not use it. Back to Cyberfox & Slimjet.

  • Its Awesome from lots of browsers I've triedโ€ฆ

    1. Faster Startup
    2. Fast Response to Link Clicks (Opening in new tabs)

    I set it as my default Browser but went back 2 chrome cause of these reasons..
    Mostly I'll be my Favourite Browser in 2 Years....

  • Hi!

    Please add these mouse settings! -> Clikk the wheel botton and the bookmark bar favourite is open the new tab! Please! I like this browser! Sorry for my English!

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