Vivaldi launches its first beta

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    Perhaps because the blog is "English only?" Don't really know.

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    Per my test, Opera 33 and Vivaldi both scroll a page in 15.35 seconds at minimum speed.

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    Simply that it could store at maximum one or two values per form field, and that was by using one of the (only) 3 "other" values in the form-fill content dialog. A really good form completion protocol will offer you the choice of any value you have ever used for that field in the past. If, for instance, you have multiple addresses, multiple emails, multiple phone numbers (all of which I have) you soon run out of spaces in the old Opera form fill dialog to store these, so lesser-used ones will never be offered for a form field.

  • I sort of agree, maybe the mail client could be downloaded as a plugin into the browser for the people who want that though

  • thank u
    its my main browser on freya looks great, fast and cool

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    good to see the beta version finally. The one bad thing that happened to me was while i was downloading a video, the browser got less responsive and the CPU was high. Excluding that, i am loving that build.

  • Thank you so much!
    With this release I started switching from Opera 12.17 to Vivaldi. There still are some rough corners and bugs, but nevertheless I found it already better than all alternatives.

  • I do not use and I am not interested in Opera >= v15.
    I am talking about Opera 12.17.

  • Congrats - good work :)
    But an extensions do not work in private window (Win7Pro Vivaldi 1.0.303.52 Beta 32bit). Anybody can confirm it? Or is it on my computer only?

  • Yes, they are swapped. Glad to know this is a known issue

  • None whatsoever.

  • "View Page Info"

    …doesn't seem to do anything any more..?

  • Right.
    Nothing short of a fully functional mail client will do for me this time.

    At minimum it must support all mail protocols (Yes, POP3 too), the offline mail database must be fast and secure, import and export of the most common standard mail archives must be supported - and this time support of encryption and digital signatures must be in.

    If anything of that is missing, it makes no sense for me to use it instead of the dedicated (and paid for) mail client I use now.

  • Works for me if I go to the tools > extensions page and activate them there. Same OS and browser version.

  • Are the features of the beta coming to the snapshots? I see they're different repositories (on Linux)

  • Are you talking about changing the tab cycling order from recently used to tabs in order (which you can change) or something else?

  • I still have unsharp fonts in the interface (and not too sharp on some websites like this one) with a fresh vivaldi profile. Latest Version, 1.0.303.52 (Beta) dev (64-Bit)

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    They're different repositories, but they're not. If you are running the snapshot line, it will update everything, including TPs and Betas (at least for now). If you are running the TP or Beta line, it will only update Betas. No Beta changes will be backported to any existing snapshot, but will be incorporated in all future Betas and where practical, in future snapshots built on the next version of the Chromium engine.

  • No longer able to override security and view https sites w/o a proper cert. This is essential for testing sites and services. Please bring back the ability to manually override and view insecure websites over https!

  • Also still looking for a setting to turn off the password manager directly in the UI!

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