Vivaldi launches its first beta

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    No major changes, just packaging.

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    Dragonfly is a Presto product - a code base that Vivaldi does not have a license for. If they are to have a developer utility with has similar functionality, they will have to write it from scratch to work with Chromium.

  • Thanks. Nice to see the Beta anyway )

  • What's wrong with Chromium dev tools?

  • Just installed into local profile and the installer prompted for elevation. Not sure if it should have done that. I authenticated it without thinking but I'm not sure if it'll cause an issue down the line.

  • Congrats guys! That's a great milestone. Proud to have a small part on it. 🙂

  • Hell yea! I'm following you since the TP2. Thumbs up for the true Opera 12 devs

  • Thanks for the amazing work. Been using Vivaldi since the early days and it is amazing how much you guys progressed!

    I'm reporting a small glitch when right-clicking on a tab having the tab row positioned at the bottom: the menu is drawn partially outside of the screen.
    This only happens when right clicking on a grouped + stacked tab, and persists when right clicking on normal tabs as well.
    I'd like to mention I'm using the i3wm display manager on ubuntu 14.04. Screen attached

    One more question: any plan to support kerberos SSO?

    Thanks 🙂

  • "Full extension support" - Neither Ghostery's, nor Privacy Badger's panel for current site can be opened (via clicking on their respective icons). - W7, Vivaldi 1.0.303.52 Beta 32bit, portable install updated

  • Congrats! Good work so far. 🙂

    Please bring back the posibility to open text links with the context menu (VB-9921)

  • Congratulations on Beta. Upgrading from TP4 this looks like a huge improvement - I didn't realise it had come this far or I would have wanted to upgrade earlier.

    I've been an Opera user since version 3, now Vivaldi. The need for a user focused browser like this is greater than ever at a time when everyone else is going in the opposite direction, so please never give up.

  • Just use an extension to mask your browser as Chrome for WhatsApp page. Works fine here!

  • Close and reopen your browser. Privacy Badger works fine for me. Linux installation here.

  • I need the 'Instert note' option 😞

  • Congratulations on the beta! Despite my reservations, Vivaldi is now my default browser. Unfortunately I had a new nasty crash but thanks to Ayespy I had already backed up my defaults and was not affected. Both of these crashes happened with no apparent reason and the browser wouldn't relaunch (this time the 32 bit version). I had to perform a clean install and restore my defaults. We need sync - until then, a regular backup of the defaults is essential. Due to resource consumption, Vivaldi is not suitable for 32 bit systems. I learned that the hard way, by using V on my laptop! One more thought: maybe you should drop the task of developing a separate mail client and focus on incorporating web mail to the panel. That way you can save human & browser resources. Well, it's just a thought…

  • Hi Congratulations. Loving this cool browser. I tried to download the Beta build 52 but I get this >

    This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

    How can I fix this?

    windows 10

  • It's not Dragonfly )

  • Cool! 🙂

    Minor annoyance: installed the beta package, then removed vivaldi-snapshot and apt complains about a duplicate sources.list entry. Seems like the beta added it again.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 bit Viv
    Congratulations Guys…...hope all is well memory wise for this build where I can use it, and must be because its beta.

    Also since all builds are beta now and 64 Bit isn't "experimental" would switching be of benefit for my memory? Also how do you switch to 64 with bookmarks etc. do you import or will 64 read the 32 bit config fine? I looked for 64 bit but couldn't find it.

    It seems VERY fast and CPU is 1 -3 % for now but free memory is still down to 529 meg with not much else running. If it remains that way I will switch…never have stated how good security is now, have you tested as much as you can on that aspect? Can't sleep hopefully this makes sense. :roll:

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