Vivaldi launches its first beta

  • Site Infor also stopped working for me in the snapshot builds, but it works in this Beta.

    Try a clean installation. I use a Standalone USB install of 32-bit Vivaldi on Windows 7 64-bit

  • Hmm, I'm using 64 bit.

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    zoom is ctrl+shift+scroll right now. Passwords can never be copied from one machine to another. Sync would be necessary, which Vivaldi doesn't have ready just yet.

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    Yes, it is capable of scrolling absurdly slowly. Not sure how much re-writing of Chromium code would be necessary to equal that snail's pace.

  • Why the non-standard zoom key? Ctrl-mousewheel is common in lots of apps. Also, shift-mousewheel doesn't sideways-scroll like it does in Chrome, and I can't even sideways-scroll with the scrollwheel with the mouse cursor over the scrollbar like in Opera 12.

  • These are my two biggest complaints actually:
    1. It auto-raises itself whenever it gets focus.
    2. The color-matching thing at the top makes it hard to tell the chrome from the client area. This makes me have to think unnecessarily hard if I see a search box or options menu at the top of a page, and I have to figure out what it pertains to. It's also a potential security disaster. The division should be obvious. It's not obvious in a lot of browsers. You made it worse. I do like the tab taking on the color, though, and I would like it better if the inactive tabs also took on the color; it would make them easy to find.

    Now what I like:
    1. The UI zoom setting is nice. My screen resolution is relatively low and too many applications are just too big. Now I can make it just perfect.
    2. The Page Actions thing looks like it has the potential to be very useful. When I first played around with it all the settings seemed completely useless and stupid, but when I read some forum posts about what it did, it seems it will allow me to force custom style-sheets on badly-laid-out sites.

    Now here's some ideas I'd like to see:
    1. I'd like a back button to appear on the tabs to the left of the X when I mouse over them, if applicable, because I usually open links in new tabs, then close the tabs when I'm done reading them, but once in a while I open a link in the same tab, then end up closing it and having to reopen it to go back; it would be easier if I were reminded of that.
    2. I want a setting of JavaScript enabled on https pages and disabled on http pages.
    3. Per-page quick preferences for JavaScript, cookies, and third-party content.
    (Not per site; just things that apply to the current session.) I liked Opera's quick preferences but didn't like that fact that it affected everything from then on.

    I won't list this as a complaint because I'm going to assume it's something you just haven't gotten done yet, but: I do hope you will support RSS feeds?

  • A bug I hadn't noticed before:

    The Mouse Gesture (GestureUp, GestureRight) to reopen closed tab, reopens Settings dialogue.

  • Still no popup hoovering on external script links.
    Very Disappointed!!! I don't like extended links created by page author to open pop-up window from scripts, on user mouse click action to be opened and displayed in new tab. This is not correctly.

  • :)Congratulations

  • "Full Extensions support" : it's wrong. All screen captures extensions not working. Why are some extensions do not stay active? I do not have this problem with Vivaldi: Linux version.

  • I'm having a very noticable delay (500+ ms) when opening new tab with Speed Dial or switching to existing Speed Dial tab.
    EDIT: now that i think about it, it was because i had a custom background PNG image there. But still, that's an issue

  • Please add a reminder for notes. If Vivaldi notes be like this :shock: πŸ™‚

  • Ctrl-shift-scroll works, thanks, but question is - what purpose does it serve? Non-standard key combination is simply annoying.

    As for the sync - I don't need that, I just need to have possibility to copy user folder to another computer and use it. It may be password protected for example for security reasons, but this possibility should exist.

  • One thing I noticed: on my computers Vivaldi started, with no open tabs, have 4 processes that eats about 450MB of memory. With one tab open - 550.

    Other people reported two open tabs and three processes with much less ram usage. Why the difference? Anyway, Vivaldi is rm hungry just as Chrome. On Opera 12 I have 50 tabs open with 1250mb ram usage, doing that on Vivaldi I don't know if 32gb of ram in my desktop would be enough. πŸ˜‰

    BTW Image info (right click on image) is missing, sometimes it's very useful.

  • @2 : If you're referring to the title of the thumbnail, just click on it and you can rename it

  • To be fair Google (and Opera) are actively working on Chromium performance/memory usage improvement. Vivaldi probably has a bit of a burden here resource-wise as in addition to the baseline needs it has metric tons of JavaScript to chew through on startup and execute. I wouldn't expect it to use less memory than Chrome. (I'm not sure if JS is a significant overhead but suspect it.)

    I will probably have to upgrade my trusty 10 year old Opteron to get acceptable performance. It is about time though πŸ˜ƒ

  • still does not play videos on the site and radio on the site Microsoft Edge also don t play. Cool Novo, Chrom, Maxthon play video and music on sith sites good. Why? OS - Win 10 x64. Vivaldi - 1.0.303.52 (Beta) (64 Π±ΠΈΡ‚)

  • Some PDFs do not load. OK in Opera 34 and IE 9 (!).
    (character set (Γ†Γ˜Γ…) problem, maybe)

    Reported in the forum/blog long time ago …

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • On the site 101 . ru Vivaldi wrote: Update Adobe Flash Player

  • mouse cheat sheet? I thought it would be nice if there is a moue cheat sheet readily available. I was surprised that a double click on a tab closes it. I also don't know how to find out what click opens the link in a new, background tab. And so on and so forth. You could just extend the existing "Help" > "Keyboard Cheat Sheet" to include mouse information.

    mouse customization? I don't find how to change moue-click behaviors. Somewhere in "Preferences"?

    double click to close the tab? Even if you can change it, isn't the default of double-clicking to close the tab counterintuitive? On all the three main GUI systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), the double click almost never means "close". I (and most people, I guess) expect a double click to "launch" something. The only exception I can think of now is to maximize or minimize the window if the double-click is on the titlebar of the window. Even in this case, most people would be surprised (and somewhat annoyed) if the windows closes on double-click.

    What about the double-click on a tab to open a new Vivaldi window duplicating the contents of the current tab? That would "feel right" to me.

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