Vivaldi launches its first beta

  • Sorry, but to me it is insane to have more than one Flash on my computer. I simply will not do it, I will not have different plugins on Firefox, Opera 12.17 and Vivaldi. For me really misliking Chromium, this may end my time as Vivaldi fan…

  • I agree on NPAPI. Actually for my bank I uses Vivaldi since they have no support for Opera 12.17, with or without Java as it is not needed anyway.

  • As a quick question, and if you can answer this Ayespy that would be great.

    Now that Beta is out, does this mean that both Beta 1.0 channels and Alpha 2.0 channels will be worked on at the same time? And now that the very first Beta is out and they should also work on Alpha 2.0, do you think the development of Vivaldi should speed up considering all the building blocks of the browser put in place? They have lots of features left to go and lots put in place, but the fact of having built a browser from scratch is done now, will the rest be a faster ride from here on out?

    Update: Also, do you know if all bug fixes on the Beta 1/Stable 1 will reflect on the snapshots as well?

  • I know exactly what you mean, it's like the noise that goes away after you break out the tools! 😃

  • Seems my question got deleted somehow. But I have one more question about the development of Vivaldi, and if you read this Ayespy, then see if you can answer it.

    So now that Vivaldi Beta is out, will they update the Beta channel and the Alpha 2.0 channel at the same time? And will all updates to the Beta channel reflect in the Alpha as well?

    Also, now that the very first Beta is out, now that the very basic building blocks of building the browser from scratch with all of it's very basic features put in place as far as having a browser there at all, will the future development of Vivaldi speed up from here on out?

  • Muito bom… rápido e atraente

  • Why?

  • Just found vivaldi a few days ago, and its impressive enough for me to sign up just to say thanks and keep up the good work.

    As long as this doesn't get fat like middle age opera did (we really don't need a fully fledged email client, promise), i can see this going to be good.

    As it stands using this as a skin for web apps gmail, trello, asana, etc, this is the only and best option once you start using it.

    Thanks, keep up the good work, awesome. Every webkit brower doesn't have a customizable ui until now.. run with that!! The color changing ui is also a treat. If anything, maybe focus on having a thought through scenario so can download vivadi and there some nice presets on the launcher thing for making our favourite web apps run as standlone mode, out of the box, read to go. If you can make life even more better for these outside of just rearranging the tabs out of the way, all the better.

  • Multi Login still doesn't work in Vivaldi. Single most important extension that I use for my day-to-day.

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    It's known. It will be addressed.

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    " (we really don't need a fully fledged email client, promise)" Yes, we do. It's been promised, it's been under development for like two years, it will be delivered. It's why I'm here. If you don't want it, you will not be required to use it. Then everyone can be happy.

  • Noticing high CPU usage when watching streams on

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    "…will they update the Beta channel and the Alpha 2.0 channel at the same time?" That would seem likely.

    "...will all updates to the Beta channel reflect in the Alpha as well?" That's less likely. Not all code written for 45 will work in 46. That said, the jumping-off point for the next Developer Snapshot series would naturally be the most advanced code extant on that date. Then they would start by fixing whatever the new engine version broke, and innovate from there.

    I don't see how development could get any faster. This project has evolved more quickly than any I have ever tracked, even with this small crew.

  • Ditto: I don't code BUT I do realize a browser is a VERY complicated program. Has to work with networking, websites, different machines, CPU's on and on because it uses all.

    New Opera ( after 12.16 ) STARTED with a GREAT program and it took them TWO years to destroy what they bought, so I think these guys and gals are phenomenal! They at least listen to suggestions.

  • Thanks Ayespy.

    One last thing I need to know and then I might be satisfied for a while: would they skip chromium 46 and go straight for 47 as 46 is now in Opera stable and 47 is in development?

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    Couldn't predict that. I suppose it's not out of the question.

  • Thanks Ayespy, you answer all my questions. That should do it for a while.

    Right now, on Android I'm using Chrome Dev, and its using chromium 48(as its Chrome 48). That would be Alpha. And I think Opera 33 stable is out now, which uses chromium 47, so if they're smart they could use 47 or 48.

  • Damn! Why when somebody try to feedback for something essential to Vivaldi you Dislike it, What you Want at last, I'm talking about me and "
    For the love of god, just add favicons to bookmark folders already! Is it that difficult to add such a basic feature?? Add also Drag and drop and add the ability to Right Click on and Make The Context Menu Available. Thanks again.
    From Now on if I See someone Dislikes my Says I Gonna Kill him :lol::)😉:lol:

  • Probably you got so many dislikes because of your post's formatting. Poor English is rarely a problem unless it is really incomprehensible.

    1. Don't shout — use of CAPS LOCK is regarded as shouting to get attention.
    2. All bold text is not quite as bad as all caps, but it is meant for emphasising a few words, not an entire sentice.
    3. Coloured text is also distracting.

    If used in moderation, text formatting and bullet points make your message easier to read and understand. Nearly everyone on blogs and forums is in a hurry, so presenting ideas concisely is preferable to long posts.

    Anyway, this blog is not the best place for feature requests.
    Please use the Vivaldi Forum for that.

  • I think this must be something affected by your mouse settings. I don't see much difference between Opera 12.17 and Vivaldi — both can autoscroll really slowly, at least 15 seconds for a screen full of text.

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