Snapshot 1.0.303.48 - Beta Candidate fixing tabs unstacking on restart

  • Hey,we couldn't let the weekend start without just one more build! We fixed a nasty issue a couple of you noticed where tabs broke out of a tab-stack after restart. There was also a crash that happened after generating a thumbnail for a note that we fixed. Happy bug-hunting and have a Halloweenish weekend!

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks!

    Happy Halloween to the team!

  • waiting for beta candidate 4 πŸ™‚ (VB-10356)

    Good work guys, though, have a rest during this weekend, it's Halloween πŸ™‚

  • Vivaldi is still crashing on me occasionally, to the point where my entire system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. Problem is that it doesn't appear to be caused by just one particular thing, today it happened when I opened a new tab and started typing in the address bar. But it consistently happens when I try to view photos on Facebook (not immediately, but after a while when browsing through an album).

    Ubuntu, 64 bit version

  • Vivaldi Translator

    This kind of behaviour reminds me of issues not related to Vivaldi I have too on Linux : when out of RAM and Swap space, the system go to a freeze where almost nothing is possible to do.
    Look at your ressources, it might be that πŸ™‚

  • I can report random freezing of tabs. Works only in one active tab, can't change to other tab either with mouse or shortcuts. I haven't noticed any pattern to this freezing, but started happening in the latest versions. Restart fixes it. Win7 x64, vivaldi 32

  • I agree part of the fault is due to Ubuntu. It should contain the problem and allow me to kill the process. But the system is new, and it's an office environment, I don't use much more than Vivaldi, LibreOffice, IntelliJ and Eclipse, so I haven't had any issues with resources or performance other than this.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Maybe Vivaldi tipped you over πŸ™‚
    LibreOffice, Intellij and Eclipse are ressources hogs, and Chromium (which Vivaldi is based on) isn't much better. Look at gnome-system-monitor to see if you are over your RAM

  • Good work! Thanks! Little bug: dark UI, left panel > bookmarks > sorting button > options - i have white text on white background (Win7 x64, Vivaldi 32bit)

  • being discussed in previous post as well,
    reported by me as VB-10356

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 Bit Viv

    1-3% CPU and 2956 Meg free Ram WITH FF loaded. If this STAY stable looks as though I can switch. Going to leave and come back and see what happens for a few hrs.

    Thanks I'll be happy if it is stable now and resource better Later.

  • On previous update there was this comment:


    Small feature request: I have many tabs open (on the right) and several tasks I have to work on at one time: Some of them are more urgent/important than others. I'd like to have the possibility to mark a tab so that I can detect the actual important tab at once. Maybe a tab could be marked when clicking on its favicon once. The favicon could get a distinctive border around it when marked. The mark could get rid of by simply clicking on that favicon again. Easy to use. Nothing big but I think it could be useful for some powerusers. Thank you for reading this. And thank you for Vivaldi!

    I would love that as well. IMHO, excellent idea by Fendar πŸ™‚
    Btw, keep up the excellent work guys πŸ™‚

  • Great! Been using Vivaldi for a week ago and downloaded each of the snapshots posted, no bugs found.
    The browser is so awesome, keep up the good work!
    Vivaldi 1.0.303.48, there I go! πŸ˜ƒ

    And by the way, when "Startup with: Last session" is active, the browser takes some time to completely launch (around 21 secs, 4 tabs). Is it ok that Vivaldi takes a long time in launching, or can the launching speed be improved?
    O.S. Windows 8.1 x64 Pro - Vivaldi 1.0.303.40 x64
    8 GB RAM.

  • Thanks for all your hard work guys. It's almost become my main browser.

    BUG: The horizontal menu has items, such a "Show panel" checked when it is not open. Seems that all the "View" selections get out of sync in the menu.

    Also, will mail be a part of the first release?

  • Please fix VB-10324
    In "GMX MailCheck" extension the menu entrys from popup open blank tabs.

    Linux 64 Siduction/Xfce

  • Guys, please, at least let us know you**'**re aware of the issue πŸ™‚

    TalGarik 2 weeks ago

    The problem another user and I have reported in the past weeks, seems to be still in need to be addressed: This is how we have fullscreen on Linux with websites using Flash.

    JstNE 2 weeks ago

    I'd like to bumb that myself, I'm willing to provide any information I could give you upon request, a few screenshotes…
    (I'm on latest stable arch linux 64 bit, latest vivaldi build 64 bit, KDE plasma 5 desktop... ask whatever you want to know)

    maximised fullscreen
    resized fullscreen

  • Amazing bug with update.
    Once again, as already reported here, I lost one bookmark folder after updating. I have no idea of what happens, just that after updating at least one folder (and the bookmarks in it) has disappeared. Very annoying.

  • Vivaldi can not display pages well at all

  • You know what? This is going to be a good Halloween!

  • That could also be achieved by being able to stick the tabs to the right corner of the tabs bar, or even having a second row of tabs!

    I want to see Vivaldi with all three options!


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