Snapshot 1.0.303.40 - Beta Candidate with tab and import improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    We have another beta candidate with tab fixes and support for more import options.

    See the full blog post here

  • Is it me the only one getting errors when trying to update from the menu option?

  • Vivaldi Team

    What OS (and OS version) are you?

  • Thanks for the update.

    Still losing the grouped/tiled tabs after restart of Vivaldi (they all show up as standalone tabs).

    Scrollable tabs on the left seems to work.
    But it does not look nice, does it? Suggest to take a quick peek at the Opera 12.17 implementation 😉

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Yay ! Third !

  • If you are on Windows, then no. Cant update on many latest snapshots. It has something with instalation for one or all users. You can update only from installer run as administrator.

  • @vicanfon:

    Is it me the only one getting errors when trying to from the menu option?

    I have installed Vivaldi 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit for all users. The update fails, because it tries to install per user. I have to uninstall the previous version before I can install the new one.

  • Could you increase the margin between the tabs and top in normal size as sometimes it is too difficult to move the window in laptop? It it smaller than chrome and firefox.

  • Go back on the previous page by Backspace is still not working. Win and Linux. Am I the one with this issue?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    When you click the button extensions for the first time, the box remains small, and the next time the box is the correct size. After a while you surf the problem is present again.
    It seems to me that this problem was not present in versions prior to 1.0.300.5.

  • Tab animations are STILL not working despite having them enabled!

  • Sometimes close button is not visible on tabs, I have to double click to close it. Also close button does not appear on youtube tab, i have to hover 2-3 times to get the close button.

  • Works fine here (vertical tabs on the left).

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • VB-10159 Close button not hidden when tabs are tiny, tiny, tiny

    I don't quite understand this, is this an option that we user can chose either to show close button when hovering or close button are always showed or just the latter and we can change it to the former when we want

  • Moderator

    (VB-8005) Maximised Window Restored too Easily when Moving Tabs

    This bug seems to have been fixed along the way too, though I didn't notice it in the changlogs.

    Thanks for fixing the Import data from 12.17 standalone. That makes Vivaldi much more useful to me. I can now easily update my bookmarks in later versions while still using Opera 12.17 as my default.

  • In the last few snapshots (the last three, I think), I've not been able to middle-click in empty space on the pagebar to open a new tab. Is this just a bug? I hope so, because it took me months to get used to middle-clicking rather than double-clicking (which Opera 12 allowed) to open a new tab. I'd hate to have to get used to hitting the button.

  • I had the same issue when autoupdate (Help > Check for Updates) kicked in. Downloading manually solves the problem.

    Vivaldi 64-bits, Windows 7 64x.

  • Known issue, will be fixed. You may use ALT+ left (right) arrow till then.

  • Some questions:

    1. How do I remove page title from browser top?
    2. Why if I pass my mouse on "file" or "edit", all the first letters are underlined (i.e. F, E, V, T, W and H)?
    3. When do you would to add a "flashing or something else" on a finished download?
    4. How do I disable search from my history or bookmakers?

    P.S.: On Win7 64-bits using Vivaldi 64-bits, at startup, my first tab has the upper right corner cut off.

    Anyway, you guys are great. This will be my default browser once it is completely finished.

  • @helsten2:

    Still losing the grouped/tiled tabs after restart of Vivaldi (they all show up as standalone tabs).

    Confirmed. But as Ayespy already pointed out yesterday, it seems to affect 2-tab stacks only.
    I can add: since 4-tab stacks also survive, it is not an odd/even numbering issue.


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