Snapshot 1.0.303.27 - Further tab fixes and search field improvements

  • I am on the latest snapshot, yes (1.0.303.27).
    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Moderator

    Hm. I use the light UI mode and my drop down arrow is black. I wonder what causes the difference?

  • Same here with the Inherit from Window Appearance, white arrow on white background, light Interface color

    Environment: Win8.1 64bit, Vivaldi 32bit, 1.0.303.27

  • A few builds ago, I reported that the auto update feature doesn't work on Mac. Now I know what happened. The "Software Update" popup window (the one with "A new version of Vivaldi is available!") pops up behind the Vivaldi window! Even when the Vivaldi window is significantly smaller than my screen size, the popup still shows up behind the Vivaldi window. I'm on the previous build. Mac OS 10.11.1 (El Capitan). Now, I'm upgrading to the latest build.

  • The latest Safari has acquired this nice feature: When one or more of the tabs produce sounds, a loud-speaker icon shows up on the right-hand side of the address box. When you click on it, it mutes the sound. Is it possible to implement it or something similar on Vivaldi?

  • Confirmed.

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • I'm missing a feature or maybe I don't find the option (???):

    Always open a new tab from adress- or searchbar. At the moment there is always overwriting my tabs, if I writing/opening something in/from the adress- and searchbar.

  • Not the same, but quite close: option to open bookmarks and other similar staff in a new tab. Extremely necessary, IMO.

  • Bug: Still have to run installer as administrator to install or upgrade Vivaldi on Windows 10x64

  • Searching in address bar or search bar is not doing anything, just bringing the home page of DUGO in OSX yosemite …

  • woks fine here.
    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build and DDG as search engine.

  • plugins page can't be accessed by typing "vivaldi:plugins"

    reported as VB-10056 but I stated "vivaldi://plugins" in the report which works… 😕
    so if someone can edit the bug report or if I should just send another... thanks

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    1. BUG Folders bar (bookmarks) are outside of the browser

    2. The same problem in a smaller window. In addition misses the mark "+"

    3. Missing of dynamic search or search suggestions - google, bing…

    win7 x64

    Cheers 🙂

  • Good job overall, but the standalone search field is pretty useless. Learn from good old Opera (from which Chrome too took the aproach I believe) and give user possibility to hide it and earn some more free space. Search from the adress field suffices.

    But the browser works ok, with the notable exception of spatial navigation. I still have to use Crossfire.

  • @zavalita2002:

    … and give user possibility to hide it and earn some more free space. Search from the adress field suffices.

    Have you tried to uncheck Settings->Search->Display Search Field in Address Bar :?:

  • bug: open a new tab, Speed Dial is shown, look at one or two pages in that tab, and then double click the back < button in the address bar:
    below of Speed Dial in the history, a line with chrome-extension://…. is shown at least

    a solved bug is occurred again:
    history of a tab is limited to the last 6 pages after a restart of Vivaldi (8 before it was fixed it the meantime)

    Environment: Win8.1 x64, Vivaldi x32, 1.0.303.27

  • Thanks for all the updates lately…

    Vivaldi still stops responding to User shortcuts when a page is loading... Happens mostly with Users who are using keyboard more than mouse...

    This does not always happen and may seem a trivial matter but at its core it shows that the Infrastructure code behind Vivaldi is doing something horrible at some point...

    It's as if the asynchronous nature of the application turns synchronous at some point where even shortcuts are ignored while a page is loading... This behavior was really bad before the 3 Week Optimization you just did a couple months ago and got a bit better after it, but still hasn't been attended to...

    I'd appreciate it if you gradually start Performance Optimizations now that the Beta is nearly at hand... and of course it's not my call... but I'd really appreciate it...

    Thanks for the hard work as always...

  • Bug: The usual, fonts are still washed out.
    Wish: Please add a statusbar text for mouseover on startpage tiles. I would like to see which exact page i pinned there.

  • For the last few snapshots, Vivaldi has consistently closed when I group all of my tabs into a single stack and then right click on the stack and choose "Close Tab Stack." As far as I can tell, Vivaldi isn't crashing–it's cleanly exiting. Can anyone confirm?

  • Win 7 64 Bit 32 Viv
    Yes…..As usual YOU ARE correct left FF to see.

    I think the problems everyone is having is WHERE LOCATED or TERMS. Talking about the URL block it works EXACTLY as you say. Only shows with NEW tab…I think some of the problem is I was looking for it on the RIGHT of block NOT left.

    Then others may be looking at search engine tab to the right of said URL block.

    [b[color=lime]]Again I had to go back to FF to finish….I'm wondering if there is code in memory that doesn't get completely flushed out when switching browsers from either one or both.


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