Snapshot 1.0.303.27 - Further tab fixes and search field improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    Time for another snapshot. Today we clean up the known tab issues from yesterday's snapshot and bring some polish to the search field.

    See the full blog post here

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  • Vivaldi Team

    Some time ago we introduced typed history in Vivaldi. The little arrow at the end of the URL field gives you that. Now we bring you the same in the search field. There is a little arrow there and that shows you previous searches you have made there.

    In this version at least, with respect to keyboard access, arrow down gives you the typed history in both fields, while SHIFT arrow down gives you the search provider list. We are tweaking this a bit as we speak.


  • ~
    Please, Jon, since you all are doing things to improve tabs operations this week, can we finally have an option to put the tab bar into the legacy position, immediately above the web page ?

    Many thanks in advance to you, from longtime users of most other browsers, who are very accustomed to that layout and behaviour. 🙂

  • Moderator

    K, so this is totally weird. With tabs on right, if I open too many, a scroll bar appears - but it won't scroll. Scroll wheel works - kind of. Sometimes it jumps up a tab rather than continuing down. AND, the scroll bar hides most of the "Close" (X) button on the tabs.

  • I came to report the same thing, since I like to open way too many tabs than is natural for the horizontal bar.

    The X buttons are at the correct place after I got rid of the scroll bar though. But also, there's a width limit for the side tab bar? I kind of liked the old Opera tab list sidebar better. It allowed me to fit more tab names in the same amount of vertical space without long page titles getting cut off if I cared to expand the sidebar width.
    [linux Mint 64 Cinnamon]

  • Confirmed. With tabs on the left.
    (this is pretty well handled in Opera 12.17, by the way :idea:)

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Moderator

    Heh. My entire visible typed history is searches from the address bar. My search history is blank.

  • The little arrow at the end of the URL field is gone, by the way.

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • BUG: When using tabs with thumbnails, if you select through open tabs, the thumbnail image is generated from the previous tab's page rather than showing the current one. So thumbnails end up representing the wrong pages.

    This bug was introduced with the previous release

  • That's it! I'm assuming until the Beta comes out, we'll have daily snapshots with small fixes! And I'm assuming the Beta is coming by the end of the month!

  • Ok, i have been quiet for months now but seeing all these bugfixes rolling in over many releases i have to bring this up again: When will the rightclick menu for sub(!)folders of the bookmark bar be there/working? Honestly its the one feature still preventing me from using Vivaldi as my main browser (however insane this may sound to some) I need that open all via rightclick on bookmarkbar sub(!)folders. What i find strange is that the code already exists (as rightclick menu for the sidepanel bookmarks subfolders) so this shouldn´t really cause much of a headache. 🙂 Yeah i did note that others only very occasionally ask for it … strange.

    Appart from that ... still very gratefull to Jon and the team for bringing back the the real O under the name V. Keep up the good work.

  • Win 7 64, 32 Viv

    I may not be following you but on my URL address bar I don't have drop-down arrow but ANYTHING I type in URL address bar drops down and gives ALL my history.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Looks like there is a white (almost white) arrow on a white background. I assume you use the default light UI color mode?

  • time for delta-updates 😉 every day 43MB is hard for slow connections

  • Yepp. I tried the dark UI, and it is there.

  • Installer doesn't ask for the administrator rights on Windows when trying to install or upgrade the browser system-wide. Not that big of an issue, but nowadays installers are smart and know what rights they need. Windows 10 x64.

  • Win 7 64 32 Viv

    SO close to Old Opera so smooth, fast, getting SO much better. Can't comment on CPU right now but everything seems like most idiosyncrasies seem to be gone..CPU seems to be good and stable. Hopefully it is crashes caused me more problems than browser issues but OK…recovered.

    Security from what I can see is ONLY thing I need for sure. Business, to much data and finance.

    Thanks guys!!

    PS: Update I may have spoke to soon. Starting to have a few issues CPU use up to 88% haven't changed anything just switching tabs and browsing.Keyboard slow etc.

  • Moderator

    What? No drop down arrow in this build? Mine just became permanent. It used to be you had to open a new tab to get it, and now it's always there in all tabs. The way it works is, you hover it and a tooltip pops up "typed history." If you click on it, your most recent URL bar keyboard-entered content drops down. It's scrollable to about 40 lines.

    HOWEVER, if you begin to type in the bar rather than using the drop-down arrow, you get matches for what you are typing.

    Are you sure you are on this build (1.0.303.27)?

  • Moderator

    Mine's permanent. What platform are you on? Have you installed this snapshot?


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