Snapshot 1.0.303.23 - Tab and Thumbnail improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    It has been a day since the latest snapshot, so we thought you might like another one! Today's update features a much needed rewrite of much of our tab drag and drop code. In addition, we have also taken another step towards more reliably displaying thumbnails in Bookmarks and Speed Dials.

    See the full blog post here

  • got it

  • Wow, fast update. Many thanks! 🙂

    Sort within stacked tabs still does not work. Is it planned that it will be possible in future?


  • Vertical Tab with drag&drop and animation as well. Excellent.
    Now just implement thumbs for tabs being loaded in the background 😉

    Keep up the good work.

    I have noticed that if a page automatically refreshes in the background (e.g., the vertical tab thumb is lost (it has always been like this).
    And there are still some blank thumbs in the Tab Cycler.

  • with drag& drop bookmarks (cut-paste also)
    they are dropped in reverse order

  • NICE!!! I love this new change and how great it is for the user experience!

    One thing I'm just suggesting when you add a new tab is to make the tab fluidly pop out gradually into space at the same time the tab next to it is moving. To make it so they're not touching each other, and the new tab is entering the space. Maybe make it so the new tab starts small and gets bigger and bigger.

    If it's not too resource intensive, maybe someday working towards getting animations/transitions to 60fps would be awesome!

    Other than that, thank you so much for fixing this and for the last snapshot in x64! Vivaldi is coming along amazingly and I can't wait till it hits Beta!

    Edit: One other thing I notice is the opening a new tab animation(or the process itself) is slower than closing the tab.

  • Good work! Thanks a lot! Now 'Always on top' feature please 😉

  • also, with tab animation opening multiple tabs (right click on BB folder) makes little mess. Titles and favicons are wrongly positioned… and it's extremely slow
    btw. no MMB on folder?

  • …+
    right click on bookmarks folder (on BB) and choosing "open in new window"
    will open every bookmark from that folder in individual window
    ๏̯͡๏ ?!
    thats wrong

  • Glad to see the important issues are being addressed.
    Having issues with the back button (tried the mouse gesture too without any luck). Have only just installed it, but didn't work about 3 minutes in. Refreshing fixed it.

  • It's just getting better and better. Suggestion: would love a 'back' button (like when browsing) when going into a folder in the speed dial.

  • Uh oh. Pinned tabs aren't working properly for me. When I switch tabs, browser stays on the page I was on. Reloading a tab fixes it. Unpinning the tabs fixes it. Windows 64-bit.

  • mouse wheel for changing tabs change them just in order of place no matter if I have set it to change in "recent used" order.
    W8.1 w64 with this x32 build

  • Moderator

    Group Similar Tabs to Stack

    This Tab: DrawPlus does not group with other similar tabs on the same domain such as PagePlus, WebPlus, and Vivladi

  • There is bug with URL (redirect?) in Wunderlist web app (todo list). When I want to add item (click on text field) - this is what happen:
    url is change from
    and back again to old url again.
    Dont know why… it should stay on /task/new. I can even go to right url from browser and than its working fine, but its just wrong workaround 😕

    This probelm is only on Vivaldi so its browser problem.


  • @helsten2:

    Vertical Tab with drag&drop and animation as well.

    Confirmed (at least for the most simple use case).

    Great progress, great browser! 😃

    Feature request: Is it a big deal to add double-clicking-on-tab-bar-empty-space-opens-a-new-tab as a 3rd option to <crtl>+ <t>and clicking on the +-button?


    PS: Oups, this reply has been inserted at the wrong position 😕</t></crtl>

  • Seems to work for me now.
    What exactly did not work for you ?

  • double-clicking-on-tab-bar-empty-space-opens-a-new-tab would be nice, yes.
    The previous workaround (update bundle.js) stopped working in this snapshot …

  • I was just doing a drag&drop on a grouped+tiled tab (vertical, left side). The layout of the tiled pages (the order) was also changed (3 pages inside).
    Is that intentional?

    I just stressed (=trying to break it) drag&drop on the Speed Dial. It is quite easy to get overlapping tabs, unaligned tabs, open gaps and even disappearing tabs.
    If you drag from the speed dial, over the Bookmark Bar and drop it back in the speed dial, you get a gap in the bookmark bar.

  • Update. The pinned tabs mysteriously started working OK after not working for awhile. Maybe some slow load-on-demand code? Anyway, now it's working.


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