Snapshot 1.0.303.22 - Further stablization

  • Feature request:

    1. Allow gesture Down-Right where the gesture starts on the tab thumb to close that tab (currently it closes the currently viewed tab, which is not ideal).
    2. Option to remove the "X" close on tab thumbs since I sometimes switch tabs by left click mouse and my muscle memory seems trained to click right around the position on the thumb where the "X" simultaneously and magically appears. D'oh!

  • I am not a Mac person so cannot help you verify if your system is 32-bit, but if it is, then I confirm Vivaldi will not work on it. It is already a really old system… Vivaldi will work only on 64-bit MacOS 10.6. Or on versions later than 10.6.

  • to reproduce the bug u need to drag any images from any site to your computer (total commander or plane explorer app). it happens couple time a day at two my computers.

  • Having an issue, even with this latest snapshop. Started a few snapshots ago, right after the first one that gave extension support.

    Vivaldi takes forever to boot. Looking at task manager (even still) it's using around almost 2GB of memory and takes around 2-5 full minutes to launch. I've tried with 32Bit and 64Bit to no avail.

    My computer is an x64 based Windows 10 O.S. with an AMD Phenom II BE clocked at 3.4GHz, 8GB of RAM, so I've got plenty of power. I can't get behind what's causing this unless it may me an incompatibility issue with Windows 10. But like I said, it was working just fine until not too long ago. Not looking for a quick fix, just wanted to make it aware in case others are experiencing the same issue.

  • S/he is most likely trying to type in search phrases and ends up with a lowercase letter. I know what they mean.

  • Your correct; Tended to use Case Sensitivity as conventional.
    For others, this link may explain:-

  • Do you find that they Hibernate, if not visited for a (short) period?
    Not sure if it is acting as the Great Suspender, or, Tab Hibernation?

  • For me, they do not hibernate once they've been activated. I might not be waiting long enough though! (Also: I wouldn't really want them to be reloaded again the next time I've clicked on them, though perhaps going to sleep might be acceptable if suitably turn-off-able).

  • The reason for using them, was an attempt to resolve the high CPU/RAM

  • Moderator

    Mine takes about 9 seconds with 23 tabs, but that's on a system with a 3.5 GHz 6-core and 10 GB of RAM. Let me see what it does on my older system…

    Yeah - on that system, with two tabs open, 3.4 GHz dual core running a 32-bit system and 4 GB of RAM, it took 6 seconds.

    Perhaps you need to start fresh with a clean profile?

  • Then I can stop trying 🙂 Thanks for the information. I will keep on enjoying Vivaldi on my Win7 machine 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    If you have a 32bit OS, you cannot be running 64bit Chrome. They could have a dual architecture package or you could be running an old Chrome and not receiving updates.

  • Using Chorome today I realised that this is a problem with Chromium/Blink in general.
    Scaling of page elements when using non defaut font sizes also, unlike that beaultiful Presto engine.


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