Snapshot 1.0.303.22 - Further stablization

  • That's what I'm wondering too. Let me know when you find the answer.

  • He's reminding them of CPU optimization needed. It's fine to keep reminding until we get it!

  • Moderator

    The code to show bookmark favicons in folders on the Bookmarks bar hasn't been written yet - or at least, it hasn't been deployed yet. The developers know people would like to have these favicons.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    "GMX MailCheck" extension don't work, please fix VB-9592

  • A little bug that still plagues Vivaldi.
    When in a forum viewing the list of topics, when a topic has a lot of pages it should show a page number below the title. It don't. Sometimes you need reload the page but even so the majority of topics don't show the links for the pages.

  • Clicking twice on the vivaldi button closes the browser. I suppose this wasn't intended. It wasn't like that before.

    Windows 8, 32 bit.

  • please optimize browser for memory ram DDR2 😞 please!!! 😢

  • That's too bad on the 64-bit version not being available. Does that mean in the next snapshot it'll get these fixes and the new ones?

    Also, how many more snapshots left till the beta? 1-2? That's hopeful, but from what I gather of the notes in this snapshot, it could be more.

  • So, not sure if answered already but, every since i can remember, Magic Actions For Youtube Extension gets disabled every time i restart Vivaldi (think someone mentioned the same thing about some other Extension too), why is this? And if a bug, reported?

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    The developers will keep fixing bugs and enhancing stability until they feel Vivaldi is Beta quality. I don't think there's any reliable way to predict how many builds that will take..

  • I think you're right. At this moment we can't expect very many features to be added until Vivaldi is in Beta. Their focus will be on bug fixing, stability, making the features work stably, etc.

    Hopefully it's sooner rather than later! But it'll take as long as it takes so that Vivaldi is better for it and not rushed.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 8 Gig, 32 Viv

    Very good guys, impressive. I don't have time right now but looks like I could make an inital comment. CPU 9% to 10% with TWO browsers open. FF only 5376 G Available, 2600 Free, in same order with two open 2260g and 207 FAR better and instead of going DOWN stable or tick by tick up. I might be able to move over when I have more time, but might be able to switch looking after at it!

    Only item that would keep me from it are security issues and testing IF you are doing both please tell and notify. HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!
    Thanks, 😃

  • "Vivaldi mail coming soon" text in the side panel should be translated or at least revised before beta 🙂
    (if mail is not going to be part of first beta 🙂 )

  • I just love all these bug smashing, stability snapshots! Keep it up guys! 🙂

    Just a friendly reminder, could you look into the "(VB-9113) Bookmarklets are not working" bug? It is really a show stopper for me 😞

  • Uninstall the extension and re-install it.
    That fixed it for me for all my extensions (I don't use Magic Actions though).

  • That seems to have done the trick, cheers!

  • Good to know. I think the problem is a leftover from a certain version that did something funny…

  • I tried Vivaldi's last technical preview a few months ago and while I loved the idea of recreating the spirit of Opera 12, the browser was unusable by me in its current condition. Well, I tried this build in hopes that it would be a little better despite the fact that a new TP wasn't out yet. My reaction was, "Oh my god! This is amazing!" The problems I was having seem to be gone. It actually renders faster than ChrOpera on my system and the user experience is closer to what I loved about Opera 12.

    I want to use this now! Unfortunately I need it to either add mail so that I can replace Opera 12 (I still use Opera 12 for mail and some browsing) or for it to add sync so that I can replace ChrOpera which shares my bookmarks and history on multiple systems. I keep my passwords on LastPass which now runs great on Vivaldi so it is managing brilliantly at one of my locations. This beautiful browser is getting so close to heaven.

  • I can see that some would find it useful, but I don't suppose it was intended. It's a bit too unorthodox in my opinion. The close button at top right is the accepted way to close the browser.

  • You still can not translate the entire web sites.:evil:

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