Snapshot 1.0.303.22 - Further stablization

  • Vivaldi Team

    Another bug fixing build with quite a few important fixes, including a significant memory leak and a re-fix for IME. There are still more to come before we reach beta.

    See the full blog post here

  • Was that memory leak causing high disk writes I was getting the last 2-3 snapshots?

  • I just tried it again. When closing a tab, my disk writes spike to 66%. Then if I exit vivaldi, a ghost process stays in the background

  • I think a good idea for the Vivaldi button would be to keep it as the show panel button with a round Vivaldi symbol or anything. Panels should not push the web pages instead of which it can be a transparent panel that comes up along with the options available in the Vivaldi button if possible.

    • Now in private mode the URL background ist plain white whereas in normal mode it stays dark (I have the dark theme enabled)
    • bug: enter an adress in the url bar and select an entry with the [up] and [down] keys. Then before pressing [enter] select the URL and re-enter another URL. Now the [up] and [down] keys move the text cursor around instead of selecting the entries in the list as they should.

    But it's nice that you guys have adressed some of the stability issues. Thumbs up for that!

  • Please correct the error - non-displayed site icon in the folder on the bookmarks bar

  • Still not working on 10.6 :(

  • Moderator

    The memory leak was leaving 1MB in memory each time a tab was closed (bad cleaning).

  • Yesss for the Mac IME issue! Yall the best!

  • Great Scott…what a build. You needed a capacitor flux to fixed the memory.... because the place we goes after this don't need the roads. Happy #backtothefuture day.

  • 64-bit, noooo! (T^T)
    So, the next snapshot will include all these fixes plus the new fixes/other stuff you're working on for the 64 version?

  • "VB-1235 Clone tab does not clone history"

    Thank you! Another one off the list :)

  • With this build every time i exit a video in youtube from fullscreen Vivaldi crashes.

  • Updating from within the browser doesn't work correctly.

    I have the 32-bit version installed as a standalone version.

    After updating, there is an executable named new_vivaldi.exe in the Application folder. To complete the update, I have to manually delete vivaldi.exe and rename new_vivaldi.exe.

  • CPU

  • The icon of bookmarks did not show in the bookmark bar when it is in a folder. Is it a bug? It is showed in the start page bookmark section.

  • Does the absence of the 64 Bit installer mean, that you finally fix the 64 Bit installer so that it is asking for UAC Admin authorisation automatically as it should?
    I get a "failed to create a temp file" error each time I try to install the 64 Bit Vivaldi without running it as admin manually.
    Since every other version (and ever other software installer at that) is able to ask for admin rights just fine, I don't get why Vivaldi 64 Bit doesn't?

    Thanks for a fix, would make updating much easier :-)



  • @andreasyeah:

    Was that memory leak causing high disk writes I was getting the last 2-3 snapshots?

    I thought that it was caused by this (at least on Windows). Since for the last week or two it made my life miserable and my laptop unusable, I had gone on a hunt to fix it. Removing all permissions for all accounts on the two jumpicons folders, as well as on the two TopSites files did the trick - my disc usage instantly went back to less than 10%, no matter how many tabs I opened or closed.

    Waiting for the 64bit snapshot :(

  • It's working for me but there is a bit of a delay for it to go back to normal window mode. No crash though

  • Moderator

    Yes, indeed, your computer has a CPU. Good job !

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