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    We are continuing to focus on bugfixing for an upcoming Beta, which means that many of the bugs you have highlighted are now getting more attention. Further work has gone into thumbnail generation (we have even more planned), we fixed a number of common Notes issues and we now respect your selected search engine for things like highlighted text. As a bit of further polishing of recent features, we also added a method for accessing typed history via the mouse. For all the details, check out the changelog below.

    See the full blog post here

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  • Nooooo !
    I can't be second ! 2nd ain't cool !

    Here are some issues that have been on my mind these past few weeks… I'm not sure if some are addressed or not and I can't tell that from the new Version since the download is still as bad as it was 2 weeks ago (starts good then rapidly declines to the point where it halts and doesn't progress)

    1. Shortcuts still sometimes stop working when a page is loading…

    2. Request: 'Open Containing Folder' Icon for the Downloaded Items… and a simple icon to open the folder even if there is no file downloaded recently...

    3. Bookmarks bar doesn't sort… also middle clicking on bookmark bar items which are in a menu doesn't open them in the background tab...

    4. Request: Please make it so that the Panel rememebers the different widths for different Web Panels… this way we can add a webpanel, adjust its width and then every time we click on the web panel, it automatically adjusts its width according to that web panel so that the content is always accessible without any other hardship...

    5. the Smoothness of Microsoft Edge… Oh my god ! The Smoothness ! I wish we could change how the Smooth Scroll behaves... right now it feels slow and unresponsive...

    6. Request: Smooth Scrolling on "Find in Page" and "Find Next"

    7. Vivaldi doesn't get focus when Opening an MHT File from Hard Disk… it silently opens in the background (which isn't good).

    8. 'Export Settings' still doesn't show up anything for me…

    9. Panels animation has gotten Laggy and sometimes doesn't feel smooth… Don't ever think I'd stop my blabbering for Performance Issues ! I've just shut my mouth until bug fixing loses priority... I just hope after bug fixing, your focus goes back to the wasteland which is called 'Performance' !

    And... Thank you Vivaldi Team for all the hard work...

  • 🐛 fixing :up:

  • Ooh, word association:)

    banana > latte

    Who's next?

  • Beats third…

  • We are trying out different search engines for our upcoming beta launch… In this build, we chose Bing as default to see how everyone feels about it.

    Should please @jedi22300

  • I don't like the outlining of adress and search bars when they're active. I'd appreciate if you added an option to disable it.

  • I would suggest DuckDuckGo as default search engine. Besides to moderate search results the dark theme matches quite good with the Vivaldi dark theme. 😉

    My most wanted search feature would be suggestions from DuckDuckGo within the address bar. 🙂

    Thumbs up to the good work!

  • We are trying out different search engines for our upcoming beta launch… In this build, we chose Bing as default to see how everyone feels about it.

    I guess could be a good choice… you get all the goodies of Search Engines such as Google or Bing while getting rid of some of their bothersome aspects...
    Here's an example

  • Please check No sound (nor with O12, but not sure why that would apply to Vivaldi).

  • Vivaldi 32-bit on Windows 8.1 (64-bit): Open New Window using the UI doesn't work (keyboard shortcut does work). Tried this with a virgin profile, too.

    As for the default search engine, I'd go for Duck Duck Go. I don't think there's a perfect choice here, but they seem one of the less "evil" ones when it comes to privacy.

    BTW, for a suggestion, is there any chance that the keyboard shortcut can also be displayed on the UI menus? In my opinion, it'd help some get more acquainted with the shortcuts.

  • We are trying out different search engines for our upcoming beta launch… In this build, we chose Bing as default to see how everyone feels about it.

    Well for me it's fine as I've used Bing as default for some time. At least it's not the Google hegemony (not that MS are exactly a garage startup, heh) as I think Google are a far more scary corporation than MS ever dreamed of being (that is just MHO of course). Plus Bing's image search is better and not censored, unlike the Google Kindergarten World.

    But everyone has different tastes. So long as we are not coerced, it is fine whatever happens to be default, since Viv users are very likely fairly advanced users anyway. I can't help but think there must be some cleverer way to navigate information than a search engine anyway. I lie awake nights trying to invent it 🙂

    In general, thank you for the Search improvements!

  • Where is trash icon?

  • 😕 Not seeing Unity Web Plugin on the list, so I am guessing that is still broken. Hopefully that is something that is something that will be fixed sooner or later.

    Problem: Installing Unity Web Plugin on Windows does not seem to work, the "you need to install Unity Web Plugin" message show up even after installing the plugin, and programs/games that require the plugin will not run.
    This is not an issue on the Mac version of Vivaldi where installing the plugin works. (You can however not use the chat feature in the game that use the plugin).

  • bug: tabs opened in background never gets a screenshot in the tab.

  • Vivaldi's running on blink so you don't have to worry about the layout engine but damn, you're going so fast.
    I can't still consider having Vivaldi as my main browser, it's way too slow and it still does miss some stuff but I hope it will be soon 😃
    I loved Opera 12 and I love you too guys

  • It's showing up ok in the top-right for me.

  • Yay, bug fixing! It's also nice to see you guys are talking about Beta. So, I guess H.264 support isn't coming until the Beta is out?

    The Vivaldi Logo on the top left corner as closing function is a bit unnecessary in my opinion. At least leave an option to remove it or assign another function.

    And lastly, but not least important, my dials still have problems loading images, although now a few do appear.

    Edit: Vivaldi becomes irresponsible when two or more Dials are loading on the background (Speed Dial tab opened, did not try with the tab closed). UI elements do not respond on click nor hover, even the Close button. Changing tabs through any method proved to be futile. Current tab works, but only after a few seconds of freezing time.

    Edit 2: The bug persists even when a single dial is updating, Speed Dial tab closed.

  • As your credo is "we not track our friends" it's surprisly strange that you didn't choose a search engine that not track us. Like DuckDuckGo, disconnect, qwant …


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