Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • The release last week broke a couple of my favorite extensions.

    Ghostery does not seem to recognize when I pull up a page in a second window, and cVim scrolls in the right window, but its commands don't (i.e pressing r to refresh refreshes things in my second window).

    Could you guys disable ESC to exit full screen in Vivaldi? Or add it to the shortcut options? I did some digging on the web and found that it was a problem with the OS (ESC is a mac shortcut for exiting full screen) and a number of apps (including Chrome and FF) have disabled it. I'm sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record but could Vivaldi also do this? It is, at least for me, the most annoying thing I've encountered for this browser.

    As always thanks for the snapshots and you're doing the Lord's work by making a browser catered to us power users.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 Viv, 8 Gig
    I haven't checked it out yet but IF I understand it correctly that in import it will not duplicate URL's. If so THANK YOU very much I have been waiting on that. Downloading full program now.

    No. 1 Just loaded it with lots of open tabs and another browser open with lots of tabs FF. One thing for sure loaded a LOT faster and smoother.

    No. 2 Memory use MAY be a bit better but not much

    No. 3 Either still problems with bookmark panel ( NOT unless it is corruption in previously made name). I had bookmark that was wrongly named Speed Dial from previous version, tried to edit it and it acted up. By that I mean didn't delete characters, slow reaction, auto insert of same. It might be I just need to delete it and start with new.

    Thanks looks really good! Getting closer From comments it looks like people really appreciated these and similar bug fixes greatly.

  • I noticed that if the Settings dialogue is open, whether it has focus or not, then a URL is not passed to Vivaldi. I use Open in Vivaldi from Opera 12.17, which works fine otherwise, part from not bringing Vivaldi to the front as it should do.

  • This youtube video worked with the previous snapshot, but not any more: watch?v=ylUjHUqGO8A

    *edit: Also, it looks like editing after posting on this site doesn't work. I had to use a different browser which shall go unnamed.

  • Auto-update doesn't work when logged in as a standard user (Win7 64bit). The installer downloads and starts, but then gives an error it cannot create a temp folder. I had to start the browser as admin to have it update correctly.

    The panel toggle doesn't work; it can be used to hide the panel, but not to show it again.

  • Thanks for bringing back typed history, now just need a drop down button on the address bar and an option to disable annoying autocomplete in the address bar.

  • Vivaldi Team

    That order should be trivial to fix. I was not aware of that one.

  • What do you mean?

  • I don't know if this is it but they are probably talking about 32 Bit running well. It seems the 64 bit is "experimental" so I imagine it is behind. That's why on this blog site I wish you could put a permanent signature or "info" line like the old Opera blog had, where all your posts would stamp what version you are working with.

    Just an easy ( I think) to implement on blog and would be handy

  • HI. Mail????????????????? Thank.

  • Same impression on my side.
    With every new version, something new is broken.
    Now its side panel switch broken.
    Before that was speed dial thumbs.
    And middle mouse click for new page still not working.
    Wheel+RMB not working as it should…
    Well at least we can hope at least 1.0 ver wont have those bugs, whenever that happens.

  • Do you have a reliable way to reproduce this one?

  • When I click a link in for example 'word', 'adobe reader' or thunderbird mail, Vivaldi doesn't open and show the page. I use Vivaldi on 3 devices and in none of them I can open links from external programs.

  • Moderator

    Hi. When it's ready. Thank.

  • Moderator

    It's not terribly reliable, because you never know when it will strike. Just open lots of tabs, browse all of them, play a couple of videos, get the RAM usage really climbing. Then start opening new tabs from links inside other pages and sooner or later one of them will open but never fill the page. Then if you copy that url, add a tab with the "+" sign, and paste and go into that tab, the page will load.

  • The problem another user and I reported last week, seems to be still in need to be addressed: this is how we have fullscreen on Linux with websites using Flash
    Thank you for the new snapshot.

  • Moderator

    You have to refresh the blog before you can edit your own post. But then you have to edit it before the option to do so times out. I don't know what the timeout is, but I suspect it's several minutes.

  • this is not enough, but thank you

  • Moderator

    That's because right now, Vivaldi only remembers window state if you startup with last session.

  • It's surely better than before its ready.

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