Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • Indeed.
    Vivaldi allways opens a resized window with the panel shown.

  • Thank you for bug fixes.

    But issue with mouse scroll and tab switching is still here.

    RMB (Right mouse button)+Wheel still work strange and with different behavior from Ctrl+Tab. I tended to use RMB+Wheel as the mouse equivalent of Ctrl+Tab, so it felt completely normal to me to use tab cycling order. Now RMB+Wheel work in usage order BUT(!) not as Ctrl+Tab. When I twice press Ctrl+Tab - I will be on the same page. But for RMB+Wheel I will be on pre-previous used page.
    Tags: mouse scroll, tabs cycling
    (I wrote the same comment for previous build:!/ccomment-comment=6952 )

    And again - Thank you VERY MUCH!!! You are awesome!!!1111oneoneone

  • That's what i also wish since i use mobile sites of wikipedia, dicct, imdb as web panels. They have the perfect size for web panels and very practical, i don't want to miss this feature anymore. But some sites detect that it's desktop, so a user agent switcher would be perfect for using any site as mobile version in web panels ❤

  • Would it be possible to integrate a user agent switcher in web panels ? ( later you could offer your Vivaldi mobile version for it, because of browser statistics and so 🙂 )

  • WAIT! DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?! It says here that Vivaldi does have MSE & H.264 Codecs!

    Is it a bug from the page? Or did you guys really implement that on this build? And if you did, why wasn't that mentioned?!

  • The panel button (in my case on the left side) is gone.:( Sorry, but I am tired of the bugs. Till this day does not control vivaldi most necessary functions. Perhaps I will try it again when Vers. 1.0 comes out…

  • Can you please make proxy extension (Proxy swichyomega) work?
    This is absolutely necessary for Chinese…

    And if search result open a new tab would be great.

  • Only one of the cited bugs persists here (Ctrl+Shift+V). All others have been corrected.

  • Ffmpeg linking is great. But is not available easily to every users.
    I started a page to host every lib directly so you can include them in your Vivaldi folder :
    But I need some volunteers to compile the right ffmpeg on windows 32b and 64b and Mac and provide me the libs for that. So, if you have the time and the tools, go ahead, compile them, I'll host them !

  • Thx olli, I'm not that technical so I can understand the whole thing but changing the color of the stripe is so complex? Like this (made in paint in 10 seconds just for clarification) I'm not talking about messing with anything else, just that stripe whose default blue is too strong/intense imo, besides being the same with Chrome which is… meh. 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    They use a JS test but it is not a terribly reliable one in my personal opinion, due to the way the spec was written and the way that browsers choose to respond. We respond to the query that we 'maybe' support. There are other browsers who also do this when they do not actually support or might support in some circumstances. See the changelog entry "Made FFMpeg linking dynamic instead of static" for more details.

    P.S. These pages are better for testing actually codec support

  • I noted sites are now detecting h.264 support now, too… Unfortunately, there is none... So now videos aren't playing. Feels like a bug. 😞

    EDIT: Due to ruario replying while I was composing my reply, I didn't see it... Unfortunately, the FFMPEG gist doesn't list how to support h.264 on Windows. 😞 The builds at (found via ) don't have libffmpeg, just 8 DLLs including avcodec-57.dll and friends.

  • Ambassador

    It's already the best even in this incomplete form :-).

  • Have been corrected? What do you mean? In this version? I've tested them all out in this version and the bugs are still there. Using Windows 64 bit version here

  • Thank you for the panel shortcuts. I now have:

    1. Ctrl 1 = Bookmarks
    2. Ctrl 2 = Mail
    3. Ctrl 3 = Contacts
    4. Ctrl 4 = Downloads
    5. Ctrl 5 = Notes
    6. Ctrl 6 = Google Translate
    7. Ctrl 7 = Web Panel 2 etc.

    Please fix VB-8007 so that the web panel shortcuts appear in the same logical order in Tools, Settings, Keyboard, View.

  • Moderator

    hmm so should be for that I had problems to watch embed twitter videos haha

  • Oh, now I get it. And now it makes sense, no wonder I couldn't play HTML5 videos at some websites.

  • Chrome uses a custom made ffmpeg, so you have to use their source to compile it. If you are up to the task, I will gladly host the dll you obtain here : 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    Are you finding sites that worked before and now do not? If so that would be a problem because it would imply that they offered us a different video before in a format we could support. However if they were not playing before and they continue not to play but with a slightly different error, there is no real change, since either way you could not play the video either way. What sites are you testing and what exactly do you see?

    P.S. Even if they had an ffmpeg.dll it would not work as it is missing the patches needed by our Chromium engine. In theory you could compile your own ffmpeg.dll from the Chromium source and it should work but we have not tested this. Its not a real solution for Windows.

  • The new typed history is much better! Thanks for that.

    There's still these two problems:

    • Adding spaces before of after an address messes it up.
    • If you go down the list, then erase the search and type something else, the index is not reset (when you press down again you end up in the middle of the list instead of the first element).
    • Sometimes is just stop working.

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