Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • Vivaldi Team

    Bugfixing and polishing is still our major focus at the moment. Typed history gets a revamp and its behaviour more closely matches its name, web panels can now be assigned individual shortcuts and we have plenty of small visual improvements.

    See the full blog post here

  • Bugfixing! Love it. Any idea when external link behaviour will be solved?

  • Will be great if we can open bookmarks bar subitems (On a folder) with middle click like Opera Blink does 🙂

  • I still can not use any extension of translating the website.:(

  • Quick visual fix I'd like: Remember the visibility status of the Panel. I hate having to close it every time I open Vivaldi.
    Still waiting for deleted items in the bookmarks too.

  • I know that you are working on Vivaldi Mail behind the trenches, but it will be available for all in 1.0 of Vivaldi?

  • The fastest bugfixing!
    In one year, the Vivaldi will be the best browser!

  • Another request (I'm sure that you have this in mind, but just to remember it to you) :

    Add the ability to remember the width of every web panel and his status when you close/open vivaldi (if is visible or hidden)

  • Speaking about visual polishing I hope you guys have read my post about the right-click menu (that is identical to Chrome's) in the previous blog entry.

  • Any chance that we can link the ffmpeg library for avc decoding in Windows as well?

  • That is not visual polish, that is replacing a lot of functionality.
    We are considering doing it later on, but please remember it´s not one small menu. There are many menuitems.. I can list down from top of my head: Page, Link, Image, Frame, Video, SVG etc

  • I'm really glad that now bugfixing and cleaning up existing features got a higher priority. Great decision guys!

    I really hope that soon my reported bug about non working bookmarklets will be fixed too (sorry don't remember its number).

  • Example extension?

  • Any news on when notes import from Opera 12 on Linux might work? Please!

  • Vivaldi Team

    So the panel area is hidden on exit. Do you have more than one window open on startup?

  • bug: speed dial previews still don't work
    bug: 16+ rows of speed dials leads to the text overlapping at bottom
    bug: when you right click "use as speed dial" on bookmark folders from bottom to top of bookmark panel, the speed dials folders names don't change
    bug:- when removing speed dial folders that was added with "use as speed dial" from left to right in the speed dial tab, the speed dials folders name don't change
    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar
    bug: favicon don't appear in bookmark bar until you fully load website and restart browser
    bug: couldn't use middle mouse button to open bookmarks at bookmark bar inside bookmark folders
    bug: Control-Shift-V shortcut still show up for Paste as Plain Text when you right click URL context menu when it should be listed next to Paste and Go
    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click bookmark folder. No pop up appear. Right click a bookmark folder on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder", nothing appears.

  • One step closer to perfection. Keep up the good work guys!

    By the way, one visual improvement I'd like to see would be the blue background on hover in the right-click menu (make it red, like the Vivaldi logo color?).

  • Thanks a lot for FFMpeg ! Works great now we can watch twitter video, as vimeo.

  • Yay! More bug fixing! And glad to have some news on the Speed Dial!

    But with this focus on bug fixing and polishing, I'm assuming you're getting ready for a Beta version, then. Maybe December? If that's true, then only a few more features will implemented, I'm guessing.

  • Indeed.
    Vivaldi allways opens a resized window with the panel shown.

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