Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • thanks for the link, but no Ubuntu here, Manjaro, but there is one thing I don't understand: the radio France player works fine with Slimjet - shouldn't Slimjet have the same license issue?

  • I think you meant the "K" single key shortcut triggered unnecessarily in different text fields of the Vivaldi UI. This will be fixed in the next snapshot.

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    Are you aware that the Zoom shortcuts zoom the GUI when used on Internal Pages?

  • as usual Ruario's instructions were very clear - thumbs up - still I don't get why Slimjet doesn't suffer the same problem

  • Yes, it is known. Tracked in VB-7590.

  • Happy to say that I'm now at the point where I've promoted Vivaldi to be my primary browser. Great to see such quick progress, and despite the early stage we're at, I find it amazingly stable. Most bug's I've encountered seem to get fixed one or two releases later - kudos to the awesome dev team!

    Here are a couple of bugs I haven't seen reported (correct me if I'm wrong):

    • The location of context menu for tabs and for "trash" has incorrect horizontal offset (might be a multiple-monitor issue) and often appears far to the right of where the right-click occurred. Sometimes the context menu is on the right monitor while my Vivaldi window is on the left monitor.
    • Restoring closed tabs from the "trash" on the top right opens them in the first Vivaldi window. Since I generally use at least two windows, closing and restoring a tab on the second window makes it appear in the first window… which can be a handy workaround to the missing feature of being able to move tabs between Vivaldi windows, but probably not what's intended. 😉

    Looking forward to the next release, can't be far away now 🙂

  • "Find in Page" bar closes if you leave the tab. You probably already know that…

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    It does do that. I'm sure they'll fix it. However, it now follows you to any link you open from the tab, and remembers the last thing you typed into it, so using ctrl+f on any fresh tab, you can immediately search the term you were searching before - which I like. It used to just close and forget everything if you closed the tab, followed a link, refreshed, or anything.

  • Sorry, I should better have linked directly to Ruarios instructions. About the 'legal reasons': H264 and other codecs aren't free software. Normally a manufacturer of a player has to pay licence fees. Maybe they let "small" businesses get away with it, and after a while they show up with their claims. Well, I don't know about slimjet, but it's probably about money.

  • If I use Ctrl+Left to move my cursor a word back Vivaldi registers this as a page History Back operation in gmail (specifically the hangout chat popup within the gmail interface but maybe elsewhere).

    I've removed Ctrl+← and Ctrl+→ from the relevant Keyboard Shortcuts settings, leaving just the Alt+←/→ (I can never think of a time when I would expect Ctrl+←/→ to navigate my history) and this fixes it but I'm wondering if this is really a bug, either in the defaults provided or in the handling within text boxes.

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    First issue: Is the UI scaled? We do have a known issue with menu offset if that is the case,
    Second issue: Yes this is known. And not intended.

  • It seems like the Soundcloud and the Bandcamp players don't work anymore 😞 I have to open Opera or Firefox to listen to sweet music on these websites.

    Also there's a problem on the video playback on Twitter, but as they also don't work on Opera but work on Firefox, I suspect it to be a Blink issue.

    Build x64 on Windows 7

  • On which system you have this issue? Is it a regression - it worked fine in any of previous builds? It was a problem long time back but it was fixed and I cannot confirm it on Windows.

  • The same behaviour can be seen in notes…

  • That's pretty cool - I would expect that to be quite handy! Never got an acknowledgement about it closing when you switch and then return to the tab though…it sort of acts like it's going to follow you to the other tab, for just a flash, then closes. Like it's following to the new tab before it gets to the bit that tells it not to, then closes out of both tabs.

  • Also, the "Find in Page" page bar covers the top of the page. And the scroll handle, if it's small.

  • Yes. And IMO we have two design choices here. This one has advantages of being lightweight and fast and not shifting the page content down, which I really dislike and is the other possible design.

  • You do not even have to press Ctrl+F on the other/fresh new tab - you can directly press F3. Even more convenient.

  • Yep, I have it scaled to 80%, so quite possibly the same issue.

    Glad to see you guys are on top of it, as expected. (Please feel free to continue spoiling us this way.)

  • Where is the trouble leaving the scrollbar open? And why shouldn't be there the opportunity to view the whole page if someone wants to scroll up to the top?

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