Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • Try again if it works in the upcoming snapshot. If still not, then let us know in the comments to that snapshot.

  • Yes, the issue with thumbnails is in quite all places where they appear and will be soon fixed.

  • I appreciate your persistence in reporting your list of bugs here, archive1. I did not manage to reply to you when you asked in the previous snapshot's comments. So I respond here.

    BTW, I have noticed that you report such list of bugs in this format for many months. Is this a constant list of all issues you would like to put to attention or you change it - you have something more? Thanks!


    bug: speed dial previews still don't work

    You do not need to report it anymore. It is well known and will be fixed soon.

    bug: 16+ rows of speed dials leads to the text overlapping at bottom

    I cannot reproduce. Please provide more detailed steps how to reproduce and a screenshot would help.

    bug: when you right click "use as speed dial" on bookmark folders from bottom to top of bookmark panel, the speed dials folders names don't change
    bug:- when removing speed dial folders that was added with "use as speed dial" from left to right in the speed dial tab, the speed dials folders name don't change

    This is the same bug, known as VB-7540 - Speed Dial group name incorrectly inherited from the latest folder added as SD group if the folder is lower on the list in Bookmarks panel.


    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar

    Yes, no favicons in folders on the Bookmarks Bar is a known issue.


    bug: favicon don't appear in bookmark bar until you fully load website and restart browser

    Yes, it is known as VB-2623.


    bug: couldn't use middle mouse button to open bookmarks at bookmark bar inside bookmark folders

    Yes, it is known as VB-4355.


    bug: Control-Shift-V shortcut still show up for Paste as Plain Text when you right click URL context menu when it should be listed next to Paste and Go

    Yes, it is known.


    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click bookmark folder. No pop up appear. Right click a bookmark folder on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder", nothing appears.

    Confirmed - actually New folder appears but does not stay after collapsing and expanding the parent folder again. I think it will be fixed along with some rework that started. Keep on checking but it would be good if you let at least a few snapshots before you report it again.

  • These are the bugs that I'm most interested in seeing fixed. I go thru each of the bugs I've listed every version and then edit/copy and paste any bugs that I see that still exist on here. These are the bugs that is preventing me from moving to vivaldi as my main browser

    bug: 16+ rows of speed dials leads to the text overlapping at bottom
    Note: This is ROWS, not 16 speed dials. 16+ ROWS of speed dials, which is 96 minimum speed dials. The overlapping may be difficult to see because the speed dial text is very light grey that occupy the same space of the speed dial text that is black. Basically you can not see more than 17+ rows of speed dials. 16 rows of speed dials appears to be max

  • Ambassador

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Vivaldi can't open new popup window, only new tab. Is it bug or feature? (Link).

  • Vivaldi Team

    It is a logged bug. So it is on the TODO list.

  • Vivaldi Team

    That is technically more challenging than it might initially seem. The main problem is that we don't always build the package you receive on the same day we make it public. It would therefore require us to patch the build in some way before releasing it, which in turn would mean re-signing all the builds and repositories.

    In any case, you should be getting automatic updates via one of our repositories if you use an most rpm or deb distros. Even on Arch, one of our volunteers maintains automatic updates via their user repository.

    If you are on another distro you could use my install Vivaldi script

  • Vivaldi Team

    Chromium for 12.04 will not work because it is too old. It must be Chromium 44 or 45. I think I was fairly clear about this in my notes. If you have a problem with the .so file from 14.04 you should compile your own.

  • Must.!!!!
    Setting a minimum font size.
    Setting a minimum size for all pages.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Windows 10. I've set CTRL+B as a shortcut for Bookmarks panel by myseflt.

  • In the bookmarks sidebar, is anyone able to write the capital letter "K" in the description/title of a bookmark?
    Edit: Also not possible for me in the bookmarks manager. BTW I have single key shortcuts enabled.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I knocked up something very quickly that will just parse the team blog rss feed and fetch the latest appropriate Linux package (you just need to install cURL if you don't have it already)

  • Do you have a contract with Google? I'm asking because of the context menu search and I'd like you to be honest.

  • Ah I see the problem now, thank you.

    I thought they would backport browsers for the lts-Versions, as far as I'm aware they're doing this at least for firefox.

    I'm not up to compiling anything from the sources by myself, sorry.

    Well I tried this package mentioned some posts before:

    Since I'm not very used to the terminal, I just did 'gksudo file-roller', opened the deb-file and extracted only the file in /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/lib

    Videos seem to work now in Xubuntu 12.04, so thanks for your reply !

  • The context menu is actually identical to that of chromium, on which vivaldi is based. So you'll probably have to wait, till the vivaldi-team replaces that code with their own stuff.

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi is rewriting all of the native menus from scratch, one line of code at a time. They haven't gotten to this one yet.

    haha 😃 just found that neat "crash my tab" game 🙂 sadly, working in Vivaldi as well.

    (it's the "%%30%30" bug as you might already know.)

  • oh thanks! Will add it to my notes 😉

  • I think synchronization in browser will be not too soon.
    So better way for now is using extensions for synchronization.

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