Snapshot - Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing

  • There is no public access to whole bugtracker, but when you submit a bug, you get its reference number.

  • What colour actually do you refer to? I have not understood it in your previous post too. I have black text on white background in context menus.
    And why do you consider context menu background colour as something so critical? Why it has to be actually forced to be different than in Chrome if it works and does not disturb to work with a functionality. Especially considering that it is only a pre-beta/pre-final product with a lot of important things left to spend time on. So I fully understand this is your pet bug, I have my own pet bugs too, but for the best of all of us, I would opt for the most effective approach - doing it all at once, when appropriate time comes, not get distracted on quite obviously low priority things.

  • Can you add an option so we can search with bing?

  • I'm using a bookmarklet for literature research, to get access to scientific journals requiring subscription. It reloads the current website by redirecting it via the university proxy.
    This seems to be quite a standard bookmarklet implementation, since it works with all browsers I tested so far (Opera, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari) and it is also used by other universities.

    Unfortunately Vivaldi always redirects me to about:blank.

    Is this a known issue?

    (occurs on Windows 10 x64, Vivaldi 32bit build)

  • Is it a good idea to use this deb file (which is made for Ubuntu 14.04) in an 12.04 installation? Actually I tried to use the way which ruario showed in the notes, which meant that i had to install chromium for 12.04 (which I hadn't before). After copying that file Vivaldi didn't start anymore. I uninstalled and installed it again, so it's running again, but still some videos / audios aren't playing.
    I'm still using Xubuntu 12.04 lts. There are different reasons. No 1 is the fact, that I'm using an old machine and I think it'll cost a lot of time for me to upgrade and my machine won't work well after that. No 2 is the fact, that I'm still using the old Opera for EMail, which is not available for 14.04 as far as I'm aware.

  • @wojcieche:

    What colour actually do you refer to? I have not understood it in your previous post too. I have black text on white background in context menus.

    sigh… I've posted a link in my previous post didn't you see that? I'm copy-pasting it again. I'm talking about the stripe. White background, black text, NOT BLUE stripe. (Blue= Chrome). In my example it is grey-blue.That simple. Also I 've just pointed it out, I'm not impatient. Using Vivaldi 64-bit.

  • @Olli, I see some misconceptions here, so I'll post it again, I'm only talking about the blue stripe of the context menu (select), just the color of it. Not about redesigning the whole content menu. Here is an example done in 10 seconds with a different milder color of the stripe (white background, black text remain as they are: Also just pointing out that with such a small thing you differentiate yourself noticeably from Chrome, which is desirable I guess?, not being impatient or demanding at all. Cheers.

  • Yes, I have seen the screenshot but it does not point which element do you mean. So I guess that by "stripe" you mean selection highlight colour, correct? I think you made the point, it was noted and will be handled appropriately. It is not up to me anyway to decide on the priorities. I only shared my personal perspective on this request. Cheers.

  • Distinguish noticeably from Chrome? It does not look like already and nobody will confuse it only because context menu highlight colours… I would not be also so sure that changing this colour in Chrome components is a quick fix - still would need to be multiplied by number of menus, remember.
    Anyway, I can only encourage that you reconsider if your pet bug needs so much attention or we can just wait patiently when a full proper rework comes. You can be sure it will not be missed and I think this is the most important and valueable part of the feedback you have received already. Cheers!

  • Google play music does not work for me in this version. When I click on the play button on any track in my Library nothing happens. I had to revert back to

  • What npro is requesting is that the value on line 24 of ui/native_theme/ is modified.

    I built Chromium with it changed to:

    const SkColor kMenuHighlightBackgroundColor = SkColorSetRGB(0xff, 0x0, 0x0);

    As you can see, it's far more "Vivaldi-colored": (Though, admittedly, I chose the reddest red instead of trying to figure out which red Vivaldi actually uses in the UI.)

    A side effect is that both the main menus and the "Ugh why is this blue? Ew ew ew" context menus both will get the red color with that one color changed on one line in one source file. Even at low priority, now that the actual line has been identified and tested independently in Chromium, it should be relatively trivial to change. Even if later, we're going to see that all ripped out for a theming engine which will change those colors to match the rest of the UI, making the highlight color red for now will be less jarring for users than "The default UI is red, but menu highlights are blue."

    Also, in the sake of fairness, this doesn't change all instances of blue in the UI to red, merely the ones which seem to rub people the wrong way. Since the impression of polish can be improved by changing one line, why not? 😛

  • The Amazon 1-Button extension works. It's more featureful than just the wishlist button, but it also works (and supports Amazon Smile!). 😉

  • Have you tried: Tools|Settings|Search|Add New Search Engine ?

  • Thank you. I succeeded to reproduce the issue. I will follow-up on this.

  • Alright, confirmed. It is VB-332 for Windows and VB-357 for Linux. Tracked, not forgotten. 🙂

  • On what system? On Windows I can bold text with Ctrl+B without a problem. F6 is a shortcut to trigger Bookmarks panel, so do you mean Linux or Mac?

  • Try again if it works in the upcoming snapshot. If still not, then let us know in the comments to that snapshot.

  • It is tracked.

  • @Pesala:

    VB-9462 Mouse Zoom Broken in About Page

    Actually this applies to all internal pages and is tracked under VB-7590 (VB-9462 is a duplicate).

  • Another not working bookmarklet with the same symptom has been reported under VB-9113 (see comments above). I would assume fixing this one will fix it for you too. But if not, then please report again.

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