Snapshot - Fixes to Zoom and Rewind

  • Vivaldi Team

    A small update to bring you the latest improvements since Thursday—fixes to Rewind and zooming and further work on the tab cycler.

    See the full blog post here

  • yay! keep it up! In Vivaldi we trust!

  • Thanks God it's Monday!!! :P

  • Mmmm… two Italians on first and second place, w/o having to move to Flushing Meadows :D

  • Аnd where the mouse wheel to switch tabs

  • Today we have a petite update. Neat.

    Well, nothing much to comment on this one, but it's always nice seeing fixes. Keep it up.

  • No fix for Speed Dial ?

  • Ctrl+Tab switching is nice to use now; thanks for the quick build!

  • Could you please write change log on release note, because every time auto update notice I don't know what's change is new version.

    This is a Vivaldi Browser public snapshot build.
    Release date: September 14, 2015.

  • Speed dial works again. Thank you.
    One more bug might get a fix occasionally: Vivaldi does not safe the window size/position when the start page is anything else then "last session".

  • Ctrl+Shift+Mousewheel only zooms out both ways currently. Is this what you meant by "The default keyboard shortcut for zooming is still broken: a custom one does work" or is it another bug?

    Win10/ Vivaldi 64bit

  • @Sajadi Yep seems so. One of my most used features.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    pretty nice work on the tab switching! :)

    anyway, friendly reminder: "VB-8750" - //"Add Web Panel" button is in the interface//. Just in case it get lost…

  • Vivaldi Translator

    this should be off by default I suppose. Anyway, removing it completely… it must be an issue I hope.

  • Speed-dial thumbnail test ….. failed. What are these other alternatives for rendering them that you have been looking into? How close, would you say, are you to getting them back to work?

  • Moderator

    Well, congratulations are in order, I think. :) After several attempts with at least three successive snapshots, the Vivaldi crew has finally succeeded in removing all of my speed dial thumbnails. This is no mean feat. I had hung on to them through thick and thin up to now, but they are finally all gone. Congrats!

  • Thank you for the fast fix and the new update.
    full screen flash videos still not working on certain websites (MLB.TV)

  • Moderator

    Indeed, it does not seem simple. I still have a TopSites file that is nearly 300K, and yet have not speed dial images. In two other instances of Vivaldi, one on my backup tower and one on my primary laptop, both Win10, auto update proceeded as usual, and I still have all the speed dial images in those instances that I always did. On this, my primary machine, auto update failed to function - would not even check for updates. So, I downloaded and installed the new snapshot manually, and no matter what I do with the TopSites file, I have no Speed Dial images. The file is there, but Vivaldi ignores it.

    If I could only figure out how to make Vivaldi look in the TopSites file on this machine, that would be lovely.

  • It seems so. Will be surely fixed with one of the next builds.

  • Thanks for many fixes.

    When we search for a folder in bookmark manager the icon that shows up is a document icon. This is confusing. Can you make it a folder icon?

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