Snapshot - settings in a tab and improved progress indicator

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot includes the ability to view settings (preferences) in a tab and features a redesigned progress indicator—works better in the dark theme. We have also made yet another improvement in tab switching speed.

    See the full blog post here

  • And now for something completely unexpected 🙂 Cheers Vivaldi!

  • Fantastic! A very handy improvement for settings, especially when running non-traditional window managers, like AwesomeWM.

  • Keep it up guys 😉

  • Version
    This is a Vivaldi Browser public snapshot build.
    Release date: September 16, 2015.
    😮 😮

  • And thumbnails are still broken. Are you guys using your own browser and your own speed-dial every day? It don't understand this … I love this damn thing so much, but I haven't seen speed-dial thumbs working in a long time ... would like to share this browser with friends -- and the thing is, it's perfectly usable already, if it wasn't for this strange little bug to be so persistent. At least as far as my friends and I are concerned.

    Please, for the love of all the kittens in the world, give the speed dial some love.

  • Thanks for your great work! I really like using the Vivaldi Browser.

    What happened to mouse wheel zoom though? Last version I could zoom out (but not in) using Ctrl+Shift+Scroll, and now that seems to be gone completely, along with the keyboard shortcuts. I'd love to get back the classic Ctrl+Scroll zooming – or be able to configure that in the settings!

  • Great … new built 2 play with !!

  • Something probably known - closing fullscreen (youtube) video using ctrl+w automatically switches the whole browser's view to fullscreen - Win 8.1, 64bit, Vivaldi 32bit. Bug report not filled.

  • I thought I had misread that, turns out I'm not the only one then.

  • Desktop notifications?

  • Awesome !

    I always pin the Settings page as the first tab so that I could access them as fast as possible, instead of the awkward "Alt+ P" Shortcut… this seems really nice (the download hasn't finished yet!)

  • Why is it that when I chose "Close other tabs" pinned tabs are also closed.
    Is this a bug or intentional, is there a way to opt out?

  • Yes we are. *The thumbnail generation broke with the latest chromium update. And it's not a quickfix. So we are currently looking into a alternative way of generating them.

  • With the menu bar enabled, i can't select the first option from the menu ("Window -> Fullscreen" and "Help -> About"), if there is no open tab in the background.

  • The speed dial issue is not fixed and that is a deal breaker for me. As I've done for years with Opera, I want to open Opera with SD and have my shortcuts/images available to go direct to my most used sites. I can't use a browser without that. Right now I have to click on the + to get SD files and then to delete the numerous new folders created in bookmarks. That's a real and severe annoyance.

  • [HELP] many websites automatically reload, once I click on the TAB they are (should be already) loaded into and a "?refresh_ce" string is attached to the end of the URL.
    It's extremely annoying: why is this happening?

  • vivaldi://settings always worked. Sometimes can not open from the menu, but in tab always worked.
    "VB-4330 [Mac] Does not remember maximized stage" - this problem exists in Windows too.

  • Thank you for the update!

    VB-7289 Mouse scroll wheel tab switching is inverted: fixed inverted switching on Win, Linux; default scrolling direction on Mac OS X only, pending VB-2973; cancel page scrolling when switching tabs; adhere to Tab Cycling direction setting when ALT/RMB switching

    I'm guessing this change has broken RMB wheel tab switching. I don't get anything when I do RMB+wheel scroll up/down.

    The new Ctrl+Tab switcher is interesting, though the animation is something I'd personally prefer to disable. I like my tab switching to be super-fast. Also, the previews shown in the Ctrl+Tab switcher don't reflect the scroll position within the actual tab; they show the tab scrolled to the top of each page instead.

    I still yearn for Opera 12's tab switcher, where the window title texts are displayed next to each other, easily clickable by mouse or navigable by up/down/left/right cursor keys whilst RMB (if initiated via RMB+Scroll, or Ctrl if initiated via Ctrl+Tab) is being held down.

    Win7 SP1 x64

  • ~
    Settings in a full tab is a helpful change, and likely means that making V remember the settings dialog box custom size is now less important - though might still be useful too.


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