Snapshot - Visual tab cycler and better cookie management

  • Netscape: invented the wheel but lost out in the wheel market to…

    Internet Explorer: reinvented the wheel, added corners and a squeaky axle. Gave away free wheels that fell off.

    Opera: perfected the wheel. Added tyres, suspension, quick change hubs. Threw their wheel away.

    Google: stole the wheel.

  • What I want now, is option to change minimal font size.

  • I have the same problem. using win64-verison

  • Okay, this is weird. It seems that once I've used the search box once on any tab, I'm unable to type in it again.

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    Tab cycle not working with mouse gesture when visual tab cycler is on.

    same here.

  • Known (high priority) bug.

  • Known bug as well.

  • Adapting a program to the native functions of each OS requires time and human resources.

    In Vivaldi's case both are limited, so the whole UI choice was taken (mainly) because they looked for "a single source to rule 'em all".

    So, where possible, a single function working decently on all the supported OSes, means more time to fix bugs, and to introduce improvements and novelties.

    At the same time the bugs should be (mostly) the same across the operating system, so further time spared for devs and tester.

  • ~
    I don't think that I have had a problem with thrashing related to that file, but still DID consider it to be large at 30MB.

    I exited and deleted it, with no ill effects on my next session.

    So why do we need that TopSites monster anyway ?

  • :lol:

  • I'm not sure what size sets Vivaldi thrashing; I realised it's been doing it for a few days but I've been busy with other things and thought it was Windows doing updates or defrag or something in the background. So far as I can tell from web searching, Top Sites is used for the "feature" that enables Chromium to shove all the adult sites you've visited into your start page when you switch on your laptop in front of your maiden aunt and Google won't let anyone switch off. It seems to be storing a lot of info about browsing history. Like everything Google does, apparently.

    It only really got into my consciousness that something was wrong because yesterday my RAID pair went awry and the rebuild was phenomenally slow, eventually I realised because an invisible instance of Vivaldi was doing constant disk accesses while the RAID was trying to re-sychronise the disks, slowing the rebuild down to a crawl.

    Perhaps Vivaldi might like to think about removing this carbuncle from future builds.

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    Still keeps some problems of here!/ccomment-comment=5962

    • I added the Facebook Mobile version site as web panel. It worked but is not loaded the FB favicon.

    NEW: I added another webpanel for Facebook to see if the favicon apperears but neither the favicon was loaded and nor the site

    • When I bookmark a site, the bookmark button in address field doesn't change the color indicating this is bookmarked.

    • I can't use the Task Manager. When I open it, it isn't show the TM window.

    • in history manager, the "open as background tab" option doesn't work.

    I tested the visual tab cycler, good feature, but here just some thumbnails were loaded

    a suggestion:

    • with the visual tab cycler active, I could choose the tab clicking on it too not just depending of ctrl + tab

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    BUG: I think it's a bug in F2 Filer Quick Commands. 1) I have bookmarked 2) I press F2 and enter "petsmart". 3) All my open tabs remain listed. Should they not disappear if they don't match "petsmart"? Sorry, I looked and haven't seen this bug reported.

  • Thanks for the update!

    What I noticed on the thumbnails:

    • Tab bar thumbnail not loaded when tab created on background by middle click
    • Tab bar thumbnail disappear when tabs are stacked
    • Tab bar thumbnail disappear when tabs are reloaded
    • Tab bar thumbnail not created when tab is loaded from speed dial
    • Speed dial thumbnail not created

    An one more remark: I think that the tab thumbnails should be displayedwith the same form ratio than the current window. (or zommed out so the content is centered) For example, I have a 16:10 screen, and the thumbnail seem to be generated like that, but displayed in a 4:3 square. As a result, the picture inside is not centered, there is a lot of lost space on the left, and some truncated info on the right. Because of that, for some websites, the content is very hard to understand on the thumbnail.
    To understand:

  • NaCl is a more native-like language that some "extensions" are written in.
    This means that it's nothing to do with the web (HTML and Javascript).

    I'm happy that Vivaldi does not support the use of it.

  • I hadn't realized this until now, but I can finally comment on Youtube again! I still can't access my Google+ notifications, Disqus still doesn't stay logged in between sessions and I can't comment on Facebook based comment sections in third party sites, but at least I can finally comment on Youtube videos using Vivaldi again! Good to see you guys are working on it!

  • Problem on something about "taken" wehn i'm loging here, i need to re-open the page.
    #!++ by Debian

  • tab cycler looks great!

  • Win 7 64 Bit 8 Gig RAM, 32 Bit Viv


    BUG: I think it's a bug in F2 Filer Quick Commands. 1) I have bookmarked 2) I press F2 and enter "petsmart". 3) All my open tabs remain listed. Should they not disappear if they don't match "petsmart"? Sorry, I looked and haven't seen this bug reported.

    Ditto here:

    I'll tell you despite every-ones impatience It really feels closer all the time to the Old Opera and making Vivaldi my default browser.

    You guys have done a phenomenal job! Until I listened to a security program on radio yesterday I didn't understand the complexity of browsers now-days. They compared FF and Chrome engines and how and why they used memory on tabs. Tabs individually in a Chrome engine is essentially "sand-boxed" by itself. FF doesn't do this and that is why it uses less memory which I am sure all here know already, but isolation and security of Chrome engine is better.

    When I am sure importing bookmarks will work without flaws and some of the features I would like ( like auto delete duplicate urls.) I'll be popping the cork.

    Other than above problem Bartsch states, and my Global UI settings not working I haven't found any problems with this version yet. I installed the Win 7 PAPI version of Flash and now working FINE!!

    One thing I can't understand is why on a developers forum people don't download the program in full instead of auto-updating ( other than testing that feature out). I never have auto updated or used 64 Bit Ver. YET and really have few problems. You state 64 bit is experimental. I'll wait to try that out when 32 is done stable and feature finished.

    Thanks guys and gals….

    PS: I really like the little gif indicator on tab showing sound ...makes it easier to kill a streaming process. Also when hovering the X (close tab) showing up but seems to not always work, may need to reboot.

  • Yeah, this bug was in previous build too.


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