Snapshot - Visual tab cycler and better cookie management

  • And by the way, when is the right click menu going to use my preferred search engine instead of only @*?!!& Google? Surely this is a more urgent feature than smooth scrolling?

  • Hi,
    More and more often, i've big problems with the proxy authentification from vivaldi.

    it's seems that the browser randomly provide wrong auth which lock my domain account :evil: ! ! !

    What can i do to provide more informations ? Is there a way to have some log of the http queries requested by vivaldi ?

    Thanks for any help because the IT of my company is now hating me…

    nb: no problems with Google Chrome

  • Oh yes, it definitely was. I couldn't tell that exactly after which time, but fortunately my sixth download attempt was successful. Thank you for the information nevertheless.

  • I agree! and right click menu should have the context search option too, the existing google extension is so poor. Every user has his priorities but this a browser and the way I see it search engines are the essence of browsing the web.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Combine side tabs with sidebar, please. It wil be comfortable to show/hide tabs when need or not

  • Right click + scroll no longer works, is this known?

    As for the visual cycler - yes, it is very spartan right now, but it looks promising. It'd be very useful if a tab can be selected with the mouse (think Mission Control in OS X or Task View in Windows 10).

  • Just confirmed it. Thanks for your report.

  • Any news on when a fully functional "clone tab" function will be available? It's one of the last major things that i'm sort of missing in vivaldi.

  • Right click + scroll no longer works, is this known?


  • @kisunssi:

    Sorry to heap woe upon you, @ruario, but it took me a while to realise that there was a new version even out, as it is not offering an automatic download either.



    Actually kinda glad that Vivaldi isn't auto-update, I like to come to the website and actually check out the update before I make a decision. Since Windows 10 doesn't give me this option, it's a breath of fresh air.

  • Great job with the update although Thumbnail Generation still needs time to mature… Tabs that are opened in the background never really generate a Thumbnail in the first place...

    Here are my weekly feature requests (!) :

    1. When a download starts, the Panel triggers and suddenly comes into view giving you a Hear Attack ! It'd be great if only a tooltip would be shown to tell you about it not the whole Panel Sliding into view !

    2. Remove the "Bookmarks Bar" Select Option in the Settings Page and consider a checkbox/radio button just like the "Use as Speed Dial" option in the Bookmarks page. you could name it "Use as Bookmarks Bar". This makes it easier for managing bookmarks…

    3. Please remove the redundancies in the Settings Page… while Vivaldi grows there will be more options and Redundant options are going to be obscure items for new users... they will see an option for something while there is the exact same option with a different name somewhere else... This approach leads to confusion...

    for example :
    "Appearance => Window Appearance => Use Page Theme Color in User Interface"
    is the same as
    "Tabs => Tab Colors => Use Page Theme Color"

    4. Please add the ability to Import "Search Engines" from other browsers especially Opera.

  • Hey, I'm loving Vivaldi more and more every week. I have only one request: could you disable the escape key on the mac when in fullscreen?

    Though the most glaring issue (unable to exit forms and text boxes within a page) was resolved, there is still a lot of functionality that is broken such as:

    • Deselecting text in the address bar
    • Exiting an image on pinterest
    • Exiting an image on deviant art.
    • Closing an expanded feed with miniflux

    Safari has these same issues, which for a long time has been one of my reasons for using Firefox or Chrome over it. Would you consider this feature for an upcoming snapshot? Or even making an editable fullscreen toggle for the keyboard shortcuts?

  • Vivaldi Team

    This should be "fixed" in 10.11 El Capitan. But just wait another ten years, crystal ball says that rounded corners will retro and in fashion once again.

  • So, a bit more info. I opened a Youtube video in a page and Vivaldi goes bananas on the disk as usual; I closed the page, then Vivaldi, and watched the Resource Monitor, as Viv continued to spend the next fifteen(!) minutes maxing out access to my hard disk.

    Oddly, it seemed to be spending all its time in a pair of files called "Top Sites" and "Top Sites-journal" in this folder- C:\Users[MyUserName]\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    Eventually the orgy of disk thrashing stopped after, as I said, fifteen minutes. Is anyone else seeing this kind of thing? What are these files and what the heck is Viv doing with them? Can I delete them?


    Well, after further investigation, it appears that the Top Sites file was the problem; deleting it stopped Vivaldi's crazy disk activity. I suspect it had grown too large for comfort- it was 242 Megabytes. That's quite big. So maybe this file growing like topsy is a bug.

    Anyhoo, I've kept a copy of it if the Devs are interested. But deleting it fixed the problem. Viv created a new copy next time it started up.

  • "VB-8587 Tidy up the Dark UI": the progress indicators in the location bar when loading a page are still the same shade of blue for the dark theme, which is barely readable on a dark gray background. The translucent blue progress bar in the location bar's background is also hard to distinguish from gray.

  • Also, Opera 12's per-site preferences, more generally, were excellent. (The only gripe I had with Opera was that with the per-site options, there was not an explicit "obey general settings default (currently XXXX)" for each settings that you could set it back to.)

  • Don't know if this has been reported yet but I noticed that if I have my side bar really big for the web panel when I go to say downloads it makes it the same size the web panel was. I feel they should save to only the panel / window you are using.

  • Moderator

    Tab switch preview is nice, but should not exist as wide flock of previews; with many tabs its not easy.
    I'd like to have a list of tab titles with tab preview of selected entry – like Opera 12 did 😉

  • Vivaldi politely ask for autoupdate since the first time the autoupdate function was enabled. It not even start to download the update w/o the user consent.

    So nothing to do with W10 (or Opium, Chromium and even Firefox)

  • tab preview definitely should follow Windows app preview (alt+tab) on Windows in my opinion. Not sure how it's with mac/linux but why should someone reinvent the wheel? 😉


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