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    Since you guys had to wait 3 weeks or so for the last snapshot and it included a lot of changes we decided to quickly follow up with some bugfixes.

    We have f.ex fixes so that the extension callout will close when you click on the page.  Tabs on the side was broken in the last snapshot, but should work as expected now.

    Also QC now lists open tabs.

    Thanks for the help hunting bugs 🙂

    Download (


    • VB-8372 Extension callout does not go away when clicking on webpage
    • VB-8519 Welcome page is duplicated
    • VB-7434 Tabs API startup issues: Re-do startup sequence, make tabs extension api work
    • VB-8318 Context menu click does not start background script if bg is inactive
    • VB-8307 Regression: CPU usage while idle: sound SVG optimization
    • VB-8498 [Windows] Conflict between Chromium Browser and Vivaldi browser
    • VB-8503 When using same URL in url field it doesn't clear selection
    • VB-8497 Quick Commands no longer lists all open tabs
    • VB-8436 Blur window shouldn't blur UI: partial fix
    • VB-8075 Vertical tab bar width is inconsistent
    • VB-88 Web panels missing: further small style fixes
    • VB-8343 Extension's popup is cut off if address-bar on bottom

    See the full blog post here

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