Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • What about the scrolling of the list of tabs when they are on the side and don't fit the screen? I think this is a major issue - you can't expect people to actually use the browser if they can't see all tabs.

    Also, lazy tab load on startup would be super-nice!

  • EDIT: Maybe put a toggle button in settings that will toggle between a desktop user-agent to a mobile one and vice-versa. The problem there is that each Web Panel should have it's own toggle so it won't affect others.

  • Lovely update, thanks for that!

    A note though:

    Now you can really tell how quickly those pages are loading.

    That's actually the only thing missing - speed. It says how many (elements), how much (data total) but not how fast (data per second). đŸ™‚

    one more thing I'd like to see there - which domains are contacted and what's happening. You know, basically what O12 has in the bottom popup progress bar, I'm sure you know what things it shows.

  • Moderator

    Right now, if I perform a


    js command on any page, it returns a style that seems to be injected by vivaldi for spat-nav, in addition to the regular style sheets. It would be nice if there was a way to disable this, or at least make it so that spat-nav works without having to modify the dom in this way.

  • Thank you.

  • Great!
    1. Icons into recently pages
    2. Cloud sync
    and i'll be happy

  • This is a good update to a good browser. Thank you, Vivaldi team!

  • Some features that I would expect w.r.t. security/performance; The ability to remove all
    cookies etc., which can track; To be able to set the Cache level, and NOT have it perform
    as it is at present; To have Form Filling facility.
    Not sure just how much Optimisation, is down to Vivaldi, but it needs some attention.
    I installed The Great Suspender, which seems to work, though I understand that Google
    may be implementing something similar.
    webRTC? when tried using, crashed my system, but was O.K. in Firefox.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Indeed, Thanks for pointing this out. It is logged as VB-8497

  • - Ambassador -

    No. The problem I had with previous snapshot builds was with videos not playing in fullscreen mode. The image stopped or blacked out while the soundtrack continued to play.

  • - Ambassador -

    I could have just ignored your comment, but then if you didn't know about it before you might never have learnt about the search in page feature.

    Just saying, don't be surprised if people flame you for not searching first. We all forget sometimes.

  • Wow! A real great changelog this time! đŸ˜ƒ

  • - Ambassador -

    Updated to replace the removed video with another one.

  • Same-same here on Win Vista 32. Only the pepflash Flash plugin is shown in the about:plugins page.

  • The details in the progress bar are great, really great. I missed them since O12.
    But is there a possibility to show the Page Size and Infos in the dialog RightClick->"View page info"? The Infos about Cookies ans Storage are interesting but Page-Size, Inline-Elements(-Size), Modified-Date etc. would be very welcome here too.

  • Bug: Spatial navigation still broken if cookies are not accepted

  • Vivaldi Team

    We had a parser issue that caused this problem. Fix is going in now.

  • A strange and unexpected behavior: I've placed 'vivaldi://flags' & 'vivaldi://extensions' in speed dial. But when I try to do the same with 'vivaldi://apps' the browser crashes instantly.

  • I'm still having the intermittent/annoying behavior that when dragging (left-mouse button) within a page body causes Vivaldi to disappear from display entirely; yet leaves the process running! I've not been able to track it down any particular pages, I just hit it all the time when using it as my main browser.

  • BUG: new in this version: Sometimes (>60% of the time) opening link in background tab results in this new tab being blank (just white colour where content should be), but it does load content (shown in load nice new loading indicator). Upon reload it loads again but is still blank. But if I close this tab and reopen it, it's fine. I'm not sure this is the actual problem but I've noticed that when reloading all elements but 1 get loaded (then indicator is gone and page is shown as loaded even if still blank).

    BUG: new in this version: Sometimes (~50% of time) tab names (tab bar normal on top) are not loaded correctly even if the page they represent loads fine. Instead of name (like: "Vivaldi Web Browser Community - …") it's address of the page (like: "htps://").

    BUG: also in previous versions: Sometimes (~15% of time) when opening pages in new tabs (same of active or background tabs), pages get loaded as scaled for smaller screen (imgur pic), reload always solves the problem.

    Not (yet (can be done upon request)) tested on new profile.
    Not (yet (can be done upon request)) tested without "ublock origin" and "https everywhere" extensions.
    Arch Linux x64, Vivaldi x64

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