Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • Thanks for UI extensions, details of progress bar (finally it returned since Opera 12) and chromium update (it's really necessary).

    Now private mode is left and here we go to release.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yep. Luckily Ruarí wrote "includes our initial web panel work". It does lack quite a bit and what you mention is high priority.

  • Note: I did not have the same zoom issue on Mac OS X.

  • :shock:
    great jobs guys
    Thank you

    Testing …

  • - Ambassador -

    Awesome work devs! Thank you!

  • Request: Please add the option for the side bar panels (especially web panels) to overlap the webpage instead of resizing.
    I think it also reduces the burden on the browser to try and resize SD or the webpage every time a panel is opened.
    Request2: Please add notification badges on Web Panels like when getting a new notif from twitter or facebook. It really helps. 🙂
    Request3: A small, dedicated forward and back button for web panels would be nice. For example, in, there's no way to go back when you click on a tweet or something. Pressing the backspace key on the keyboard works though but not sure if that is actually or officially implemented for web panels. But it'll be nice to have the option there for mouse users.

  • Quick search (Ctrl + Q) no longer lists currently open tabs. Is this a side effect of the tab switching performance update?

  • thank you so much for your hard work, Vivaldi is my browser from day one
    please option to hide Extension UI buttons., sync password and bookmark will be great

  • Extension button UI, yaaaayyyy!

  • Thank you for your work, guys! A couple of notes - there is no possibility of a common scaling of pages without zooming interface. Secondly i would like to open the bookmarks sidebar with one click and not with two. Another good idea would be to optimize the memory consumption of the browser - currently consumes quite a lot.

  • An update for my bug report VB-8001, where Vivaldi had problems with showing a post preview on Wordpress-based sites:

    In this build, the popup with the supposed post preview shows up (it was just empty before), but instead of the post preview it just goes to overall post list. So there's still no way to view the actual post preview.
    However, the original tab (the one where you click on the "Post preview" button) at least no longer crashes like it did before, so there's at least that.

  • wooohoooo this is awesome, waiting realy paid of. thank you guys

  • Moderator

    Try running the installer as an administrator.

  • Celebrate, brothers, as this is the day our dream has finally come true! Gods have not forsaken us! Ulysses is back home! There is only a single word that can describe the joy of this day! And that word is: "yay."

    Yay \o/

  • Moderator

    This has to be the best build yet! I'm loving the changes guys, the wait was more than worth it 🙂

  • Yay day? 😃

  • - Ambassador -

    BUG: Ctrl + Scrollwheel no longer zooms the web page. The slider on the status line still works as do keyboard shortcuts.

  • The fonts are terrible in this build. They are all blurred
    Chrome had this a while ago so I tried the same thing
    vivaldi –high-dpi-support=1 --force-device-scale-factor=1
    makes it better

  • YAY DAY!

  • It is good to see the extensions that are 'enabled' at the top-right, but is there any chance that they could be made to stay there when they are 'disabled' too, please?

    On a related issue, is it possible (at some point) to look at keeping extensions 'enabled' (i) between sessions [Privacy Badger does; HTTP Everywhere and Disconnect do not] and (ii) on installing a new snapshot of Vivaldi?

    [Yeah, I'm lazy, I know;)]

    Thank you.

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