Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • Tabs on the side do not work anymore, I'm left with a wide block that takes up half the screen (if I'm in fullscreen) and the tabs do not have thumbnails. Definite regression. Hopefully there is a fix soon b/c now that Vivaldi has the extension UI buttons, I'm ready to use it as my primary browser (and thus, help with testing, etc.). Keep up the great work guys!

    EDIT: Just saw this after reading through the article again:

    "Known issues
    -Links on the history page do not work
    -Tabs on the side are broken: No thumbnails, too wide in default state and not resizeable"

  • "for now" - remember these words… the shift is 1) not intuitive 2) not standard 3) not working properly (though, this one could be fixed...)

  • Ability to move those details of page loading from progress bar to bottom of the window like in old Opera 12 would be really awesome, and in dark theme blue color is too dark and hard to read.
    Anyway this update is really huge!

  • Am I crazy, or did they remove the "Remember passwords" option?
    It now asks me if I want to save credentials for sites, which is something I never want to do.

    Other than that, great update!

  • - Ambassador -

    My YouTube Web Panel works well.

    There doesn't seem to be any easy way to add a panel from the current open page.

  • See Know issues

  • Request4: Again with Web Panels. Adding custom user-agents would be pretty nice. I know there are extensions for those. But I really want it for Web Panels only (and I noticed extensions doesn't directly affect web panels like ad blockers).
    My main reason for this feature request is that there are mobile versions of websites that you can only access if you use a mobile web browser. So if I can change the web panel user-agent to a mobile one then I can access those mobile versions of some sites. Another is that you no longer have to place any mobile tags or domains on the URL when adding web panels.

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    HTML5 Test Vivaldi has dropped 5 points to 521 from 526 for Chrome.

  • - Ambassador -

    BUG: OK, pretty bad bug for me has started. Stock charts at do not work. Is this a Flash issue?

  • I have something quite opposite in Speed Dial… Speed Dial items don't open in background tab anymore when Middle Clicking on them...

  • BUG: Not sure if intentional but I noticed when clicking on bookmark bar links and the HOME button opens in a new tab.

  • A few more UI bugs: tab cycling order is not function as expected - "recently used" order is not preserved when cycling via scroll wheel. If I use ctrl+tab the order is preserved but sometimes is needed to click twice on TAB and sometimes I get a totally blank page also.

  • yay!

    • VB-5692 [Linux] Crash on import data
      thank you 🙂

    good work! now waiting for private tabs and rss and stuff 😉

  • The Red progress bar on the dark background is also pretty hard to see… sometimes I lose where it exactly is...

  • Alright, passed the excitement of the new build, here are the new bugs:

    -Sometimes, clicking on the menu items (File, Tools, etc.) will cause the submenus to open and close right away, without a second click;
    -Clicking twice in the menu bar will cause the window to resize (Native Window unchecked);
    -Sometimes clicking outside of the drop menu will not close it;
    -Sometimes Extension drop menus won't be displayed when interacted with through the Extension Icons on the Navigation Bar;
    -Right clicking on the Speed Dial at the bottom of the screen causes the drop menu to appear in weird places, including at the Windows Task Bar;
    -As always, first initialization of Vivaldi after the update starts a new window without any of your previous progress saved, requiring you to click on the trash bin icon and restore your previous window.

    Those are the ones I found on my first try. Now, for a few things that still bother me:
    -"Use Page Theme Color" appears under Appearance and Tabs, in Settings. It's redundant! The one under Tabs should alter the color scheme of the Tabs alone, and the one under Appearance should change the color scheme of the UI (address bar, bookmarks bar) alone - and even have an option to not change the color of the bookmarks bar.
    -Speed Dial issues still there, with no option to remove the X button that appears on hover, and Dials still not displaying images correctly. I do love how you disabled animations, though, as that makes loading and navigation MUCH faster for me. Also, add options for more rows and Dials size.
    -Address and Search Bass colored as the theme color, as opposed to having their own pallet. I'd like those to be white and be flashed out, as opposed to blend in with the UI.
    -As usual, Disqus, Facebook and Google+ issues discussed previously still exist in Vivaldi alone.

    Thanks for the new build. There's a lot of things I loved about it, a few bugs returned, and some new were born. Keep up the good work! And I believe we're getting close to a Beta version (maybe by the end of the year?), as you're working on performance improvements - something you said you wouldn't bother to do on a code that could change completely later on. So, I guess you're satisfied with how things are working now? Either way, bring us more builds! Keep it up!

  • Finally an update I can chew on with the extension buttons. One gripe I have before I can finally switch over to Vivaldi right now is the extension Multi Login. It doesn't seem to work for Vivaldi. Will it ever be supported in Vivaldi?

  • Wow & Thank you!

    • It seems so much faster now. As we all said when Opera 12 was discontinued, the subjective feeling of speed depends as much on a snappy UI as on the pure page rendering performance.
    • Extension buttons! This had been frustrating me since the start - I use LastPass and Evernote, and missed those buttons a lot. Also, User Agent Switcher should work now, meaning I'll be able to use WhatsApp Web.
    • Regression: Ctrl+Mousewheel doesn't zoom anymore.

  • Great, thanks a lot. For some reason my vivaldi missed system flash plugin, detects only pepperflash, and papperflash don't use my 5.1 sound system for unknown reason, so… how can i fix system flash plugin?

  • Moderator

    Noticed here as well. There appears no setting to cure it ATM.

  • BUG => Disconnecting from VPN Connections/Proxifier sometimes results in a hard crash…

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