Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • Lo que me gustaria saber, es cuando tendran la opcion de Sync, para que se puedan sincronizar mis favoritos desde mi particion de Windows y Linux

  • 🙂 nice! Especially for so called "More details in the progress bar" 🙂

    but a small issue: the new setting category called "Quick Commands" is not listed under "show all settings".

    and now a more serious issue:
    pop-up for extensions is always "down" (even when the address bar is down) => you can't see the pop-up. - oh, someone was faster than me when reporting 🙂 - this was there for tab thumbnails… some never learns from old mistakes 😛

    and the biggest issue:

    time to time I get 0 bytes and 0/0 elements in the details in progress bar. Sometimes it just shows latest update (for example 5.4 Mb and 178/179 elements) even when I visit a few different pages (on 1 domain). (all tested only on facebook, all is reproducible but can't find any 100% steps)

  • After installing, both the UI and any webpages I visit are far more zoomed in than they were previously (both were set at 100%). I had to set the UI scaling to 80% to get it back to the same size, although now the menu bar is too close to the title bar.

    I'm running a 64 bit Arch Linux system with XFCE with "Use Native Window" checked in Settings. If you need any other information, I'm happy to provide it.

    Thank you very much all of your work preparing this long awaited snapshot. As promised, the tab switching seems to be much snappier, and I'm excited to keep playing around with it 😉

  • I don't have time atm to test this out, but will eagerly test it out in a couple of hours. For the last two weeks I have been refreshing your blog like crazy in hope for an update, and especially for extensions UI.

    I even wrote it in comments that it is finally comming. Now that it is here, I am so thrilled I could jump around from joy.

    Once again great work guys. As far as possible bugs are concerned, it doesn't matter since this isn't even BETA software, but even in this state of form Vivaldi is far more useful than any other browser out there.

    Great stuff!

  • there is an issue with comments on this blog (or this blogpost) but I hope you already know… some just disappeared (were deleted?) (including mine with issues and some thanks)

  • This is great! Thanks for this new release! 🙂 Testing right now even though it's midnight here. xD

    My only real complaint right now is the windows size still resets when restarting the browser (Mac) and won't stay maximized.

  • bug: when you right click "use as speed dial" on bookmark folders from bottom to top of bookmark panel, the speed dials folders names don't change
    bug:- when removing speed dial folders that was added with "use as speed dial" from left to right in the speed dial tab, the speed dials folders name don't change
    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click bookmark folder. No pop up appear. Right click a bookmark folder on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder", nothing appears.

  • bug: Add web panel dialog doesn't disappear when you click outside of it. I can click the + button and hide the sidebar and the dialog would be there forever.

  • Moderator

    Bummer. Side tabs glitch here on Win10 is a real buzzkill. Was hoping this was a glitch I could somehow adjust my way out of or fix by altering a setting, or whatever. Seems not.

    Kind of a letdown to wait this long for an update, have every aspect of that rather extensive update be something that is irrelevant to the way I use the web, and then on top of it have my beloved side tabs blow up in my face.

    Next update, you guys are going to do something I will love again, yeah?

  • Adding web panel does show a white button instead of the right icon.
    It's ok in Opera.

  • BUG: When adding a Google Hangouts session Web Panel, it won't access the camera.
    BUG: Web Panel redirects to desktop site.

  • so what popular extension work in vivaldi now that didn't work before?

  • Just wanted to say "GREAT IMPROVEMENTS GUYS !"…

    That's it ! Nagging comes after I test drive the new build !

  • Thanks for a new build. But some bugs maybe they are known:

    1. ctrl + scroll does not change page zoom level
    2. RMB on a link + mouse down opens a new tab instead of open the link in a new tab

    I have tried a new profile and these issues were there also.

  • There seems to be a bug in the tab thumb creation. I have two tab groups (tiled - with 2 and 3 tabs in each). When I refresh one tiled tab, the thumb of a tab in the other group is also updated with this thumb.
    Or: all tiles in the same group end up with the same thumb.

    And another thing: I cannot pin grouped tabs anymore. Could do that before. Is that intentional?

    Speed dial: I see that you have removed the speed dial animation. But now each dial is repainted approx. 1 second after it has been loaded (so the page is flashing).

  • Known bug

  • There are many extensions that rely on browser_action or page_Action, one example is:

  • Thanks for UI extensions, details of progress bar (finally it returned since Opera 12) and chromium update (it's really necessary).

    Now private mode is left and here we go to release.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yep. Luckily Ruarí wrote "includes our initial web panel work". It does lack quite a bit and what you mention is high priority.

  • Note: I did not have the same zoom issue on Mac OS X.

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