Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • Great, and I noticed links in the button extensions dropdown doesn't open in main browser too.

  • I don't know if this belongs together but if you updated on the latest win 10 build this may be related to what djmax posted a bit above your comment:


    Just in case:-

    in short latest win 10 build somehow breaks the chrome sandbox and makes it unseable 64 bit only!! so if you install the 32 bit version it should work fine.
    Althoutgh there is a workaround for this (for chrome dunno if this'll work with vivaldi too) rightclick your vivaldi icon select preferences and ad –no-sandbox to the start behaviour.
    Please be aware of the fact that this will disable your sandbox and makes your browser highly vulnerable !!

    And please note I don't use win 10 therefore I can't tell if this is even the same issue, it just came to my mind because I read it earlier

  • Great release! Love you, Vivaldi

  • ENTER doesn't move the search highlighter onto the next search result, when pressed: I must click on the right arrow button near the search field, on the top of the page…

  • This Vivaldi build uses Chromium 45 which dropped NPAPI plugin support so Vivaldi now supports PPAPI plugins only as well.

    Theoretically Vivaldi could still support NPAPI as the NPAPI code in Chromium hasn't been removed yet but it would require messing a little with Chromium code. And it will be gone for good soon anyway.

  • I've noticed that in one or more previous TP releases too but yes, I agree, it's cool… and potentially quite useful if you start hearing strange noises coming from unknown tabs!

    It might help to have clicking on the speaker icon mute the tab too. I'm reluctant to have too many areas of the tab place-holder not actually just activate the tab as it's already too easy to close tabs by mistake when starting off. However, (un-/)muting a tab is a fairly safe, non-destructive operation that could be of benefit.

  • I had same problem. Work around install flash 19 beta it works.

  • Vivaldi Team

    It is a bug that is not fixed in this build but is fixed internally so the next snapshot should include it.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yep, I agree this is a better solution for running websites in a panel. Much simpler.

    Fun fact 1: I wrote the Opera blog post announcing the new sidebar extensions in Opera 3 months back. If you read it again you might notice some similarities in the announcement and this one.

    Fun fact 2: The developer who did this for Vivaldi previously worked on the sidebar extension implementation at Opera. 🙂

  • Issues with mouse and wheel still exists.
    I tended to use RMB+Wheel as the mouse equivalent of Ctrl+Tab, so it felt completely normal to me to use tab cycling order. If I'm in full screen or Ctrl+F11 mode then even more so.
    RMB+Wheel work in usage order BUT(!) not as Ctrl+Tab. When I twice press Ctrl+Tab - I will be on the same page. But for RMB+Wheel I will be on pre-previous used page.

  • Could you make the addon not appear everywhere in navigation bar, just in single place grouped will be OK….

  • I've just discovered a perhaps related issue where a web application we use failed to display a graph correctly, with the console showing an error as it's enumerating classes:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'vivaldiSpatnavClickable' of undefined (at VM573:21)

    So I guess the spatial navigation is having some undesirable side-effects. It would be good to have a way to disable spatnav (most sensibly via: enable/disable with site exceptions).
    That section of code is prefixed with some interesting text that suggests it's a known problem: 🙂

    // XXX gorm 150306: !!! Currently this addEventListener hijacking
    // doesn't work. Need to inject at document_start for this to work.

  • Moderator

    Well, as I said, with emphasis, "Everything built into the core INSOFAR AS PRACTICABLE is the best idea."

    Obviously, the developers will want to strike a balance between the universe all possible features and options, and what's doable in practical terms without bloating the browser and/or making their own jobs to hard to bear.

    It's not that extensions are inherently bad, evil or unacceptable. It's just that the more that can be built in, within reason, the less complexity in support, bug-hunting, and process bloat.

    What IS inherently evil is the concept of "just make the browser as simple as possible, and rely on extensions for all your modifications." Were that the way to go, then Chrome would be the perfect browser, followed closely by Firefox - and there would be no reason to build Vivaldi.

  • Terrible!
    My side section of bookmarks was completely mad. I can't create more new markers of links in folders, and worse, when I tried to do this Vivaldi "disappeared" with folders and links already created … lost working days ...

  • Moderator

    Some more thoughts about the current build, which as I said absolutely love, what I would like to see improved, what I still personally miss (except for the things clearly announced) etc

    Improvements I hope to see in the (near) future:

    • Clone Tab function that preserves the history of the cloned tab
    • Right-click to search for selected text using your search engines
    • When opening settings set the focus to the search bar
    • Slimmer and more polished extensions buttons. They look too chunky and especially bad in dark mode.
    • More improvements to performance, especially the speed dial page and start up time.
    • Opening external links when Vivaldi is closed opens the browser in windowed mode. Ideally it should remember whether Vivaldi was fullscreen/windowed (and it's position) the last time.
    • Copy/Cut/Paste in bookmarks

    Looking forward to what comes next, the future looks bright 🙂

    Can't wait for proper rss support and mail 😃

  • Congratulation! This snapshot has many required features, especially the Extension UI. Vivaldi comes closes and closes to be the default browser for me!:P
    An error in the Extension UI: First click after change of extension gives the previous popup, not the actual. The second click works correctly.

  • tnanks a lot, i'll try that!

  • aaaaand nope, reinstall didn't help, with or without keeping settings.

  • Drag and drop gestures to be built into the browser.
    Like smartUp extensions,

  • The tab page is too small.
    For example, open the link on the new tab page, whether or not to activate the current tab, which is on the left or right of the current tab.

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