Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • In the settings window on the left bottom in the categories there is "Quick Commands" tab and in it "Open URL in New Tab", maybe that has something to do with it, it might be same as presto-opera "reuse current tab". Just guessing though. I know everyone has his own taste and that's why customization options are great but I actually really like this behaviour.

  • No issues with Flash here. Windows 7 x64, Vivaldi x64.

  • A downloads page or window akin to that of Opera 12 would work wonders. Still waiting for it to come back.

  • Clicking on bookmarks in the bookmarks bar opens them in another tab. Also, I can't stack pinned tabs. Otherwise, this was worth the wait.

  • Update: new bug: clicking with mouse scroll on a dial will open said URL on a new tab, but on first plan, not background.

  • I miss the 'Insert note' option. For me, the notes are useless without that option. 😞

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    Have you tried disabling Panda or whitelisting Vivaldi in it? I have seen two other Panda users become unable to open the Vivaldi UI for unknown reasons. Also, of course, make sure all Vivaldi processes are killed in your Task Manager before trying to start the program. It won't start if any instances of the program are already running.

  • Going inside the Speed Dial folders is easy (well, you just click on them!) but going back up is kinda hard… the back button has an unclickable area (from middle to the top of it) and also it is very small...

    I wish there was a shortcut for going back up... I know that "Escape" may have many uses in Vivaldi but I was hoping if we could assign that key for going back up inside the Speed Dial folders... It'd really make traversing inside Speed Dials pretty fast...

  • They open in new tab alright ! but they should open in Background when middle clicked… but they don't...

  • Oh is that it? I guess that explains it. I have mine at 90%. But it's still a bug regardless. Thanks!

  • I installed ublock on Vivaldi & the browser's stopped working on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525

  • Since I have Dial Up, I haven't actually gotten a chance to download and try out this latest update. But, I am super excited just to read that Progress Bar Advanced Info improvements are finally moving into the house! OMG! Woo Hoo! This will be REALLY helpful for me with my Dial Up. This will administer some serious Butt Kicking on ALL other browsers.

    It's great to see Devs actually listening to feedback. Nowadays it's very difficult to get results with feedback regarding ANY Apps. My feedback with some New Opera issues has gotten nowhere over there in that camp. So, it's great to see Vivaldi working on incorporating what the Users want. Kudos, Vivaldi!

  • Just bring back the old style address bar with drop down menu to reopen typed urls and option to disable this really annoying inline address auto complete.

  • Unfortunately you already seem to be going chropera way, you start great features and then leave them and develop some-things-that-nobody-cares-about or are nice to have, bot NOT core features
    mail, newsfeed, configurable gestures, full support for chrome extensions (or just build-in adblock-compatible filter with improved performance), and of course performance are most important, progress bar is thing we can live without if everything else works
    and if not, we can't switch to vivaldi as core features are missind so nobody sees the changes

  • omg, webpanels! thank you so much! so the time I can switch from O12 is coming… (although I had some strange behaviour but a restart of vivaldi after auto-installation fixed some (as usual))

  • Great new features in this build, unfortunately I get a bug when dragging tabs to new positions in the tab bar. A lot of the times the whole tab bar is broken visually so I have to restart the browser to get it working again.
    That is my number 1 annoying bug right now, it's there from the beginning and it isn't getting better at all. Is this a general issue or is there something wrong with my installation?

  • User choice for the win!

  • Thx for these features, guys! The usage of my daily applications directly in the browser was something I'm eager for years.:)
    Here short list of improvement proposals:

    • add an option to "Open web panel as tab". For some apps like skype it would be better to have it opened in more space as the current view is not very handy;
    • add an 'Open folder/Go to folder' option in Downloads panel;
    • put the created Speed Dials as first option to be displayed when a user makes a new bookmark. Or at least: order the folders alphabetically as it is very annoying now to search among plenty of folders;
    • add some "placement" information in the bookmarks. If I start a Search in bookmarks and find a wished bookmark that want to move in some folder - there is no information at all (no properties nor in Edit) where the bookmarks is currently placed. I know that as a workaround I could open the site, then from the address bar icon of bookmark to change the place, but it is annoying to do it each time instead of simple change of the location in bookmark's properties.

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    I receive mostly distinct email notifications as expected, and then BAM, 3-4 identical ones in a row. They are word for word, character for character the same. I have no idea why.

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