Snapshot - Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    We have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks, resulting in a snapshot with many nice improvements and bug fixes. We have an initial web panel implementation, we added support for more extensions, our progress animation gets an overhaul and we have a couple of nice performance improvements.

    See the full blog post here

  • This is looking good. The side panel webpages are a welcome addition, as are extension buttons.

    One thing I've noticed about the advanced loading details: The text can be hard to read with dark mode enabled, where the UI colour changes to a dark colour as well. [E.g.]

  • Great guys !! seeing the list of fixes it's no wonder it took a little time extra …. :D

  • @LonM:

    The text can be hard to read with dark mode enabled, where the UI colour changes to a dark colour as well. [E.g.]

    Agreed, dark blue on dark grey is not easy to read.

    anyway thanks for these two features !

  • Can we have bookmark icons the same way as these new extension icons in the same line as address bar? Will this ever be implemented?

  • Thank you for your hard work and all improvements

  • Hmm, all my bookmarks in the Bookmark Bar now opens in a new tab. Didn't do that before. Is that intentional? Can it be configured?

  • Thank you alot for this release!

    I wonder, when we can do middle-click in bookmark bar to open a tab in a background? like it works in Opera Blink, without closing the dropdown.

    It is great.

  • I get this error on Windows 10:

  • Buttons for extensions is a great addition. But, right now, buttons with pop-ups (menu that opens up when clicking on the button) that auto-close doesn't want to close the pop-up or close it when user clicks inside the page.

  • Oh My God, the tab switching performance is so much better!
    The extensions UI is working so nice!
    The Web Panels is a Killer feature!

    You guys keep on surprising me every time.

    This is truly the browser I want.

    Thank you so much for the updates. Amazing job.

  • We will look into tweaking it

  • Yeah known bug

  • Vivaldi Team

    You are most welcome. Thanks for the kind comments!

  • Thanks for the speedy browser update. This version also solve the crash problem I had with language setting!

  • While it is nice to have the buttons, I don't use most of them. Is it possible to remove add-on buttons?

  • When Tab option Left Side or Right Side is chosen, tab width can no longer be adjusted. The nonadjustable tab width is 2/3 of screen and the web page is 1/3 rendering these options useless for browsing. Look forward to trying out other improvements.

  • Also, I have bugs to report; when my address bar is in the bottom, the extension buttons do not work and I can't click on the links in the History page.

  • Moderator

    More details in the progress bar

    thank you!

  • Thank you for your work, it's really amazing to see Vivaldi getting more and more features! Sadly, bookmarks panel is still broken, sorting/creating folders/drag&drop is still broken :( But it's still the best browser out there. Keep up the good work, guys!

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