Snapshot - Reload bypassing cache shortcuts and a visual clue for Rewind

  • Vivaldi Team

    A new week and a new snapshot. We are still a little light on staffing during the holiday period, but we have a few more updates for you nonetheless. Highlights today include shortcuts for reloading the page bypassing cache, better visualization of what “rewind” does and fixes to the URL field selection, Quick Commands and tabs.

    See the full blog post here

  • An unusual hour for a snapshot.

    But obviously still welcome :)

  • Thank you for the snapshot.

    What is "UI coloring for generic-color pages"?
    (I haven't noticed any difference on the pages I visit)

  • Vivaldi Team

    I like confusing people! Actually I would have done one yesterday but I wasn't working and today I have to leave very soon to pickup my daughter from kindergarten.

    Now of course I'm not the only one that could initiate a snapshot release but then many people are away.

  • It's downloading at 8kbps, I'll let you know if I like it during the next week xD

  • Please make Vimeo work on the Mac. I reported against Vimeo and they said, "While Vivaldi supports HTML5 videos, it does not support H.264 video codecs, which is how all Vimeo videos are encoded."
    Bug Report

  • I have seen stranger hours for builds to be released

    "Rewrite fast forward code" <– New VHS tape?

  • The OS name is wrong (on vivaldi://about ) for any user on OS X 10.8+

  • Thank you.
    I think a new bug appear with button menu since this snapshot release.

    With 2 monitors, when vivaldi is on the right screen + click on Vivaldi button menu :
    The menu appear to the left side (on 1st monitor).

    Good luck ;)

  • Great that the builds keep coming even during the holiday period. Looking forward to the first snapshot with properly working multitouch gestures on Mac. Then I'll probably switch to Vivaldi as my daily browser.

  • I downloaded 64bit version from Link above but when I start the setup, I get the note, that I'm installing a technical preview. Is this intended?
    still the right build!
    and of course: yeah for CRTL+F5

  • Moderator

    Try the about page, or any page without a favicon

  • Moderator

    It's an hard issue : working with OS codecs takes a looooonnnnnnng time to implement, and the other way to do it would be to pay a licence for each download to the MPEG-LA, and then, paying also for AAC, and then… There is no easy, legal way of doing it.
    Youtube uses the VP8 and VP9 codevs that are Open Source, and free to use, implement etc. That's why Vivaldi can play those. Vimeo choose a closed source, and not free codec. That wasn't the best choice they could make either. In any case, they should use a new codec for the 4K and above videos, so maybe they'll choose VP9 (that has the same quality as h265 but is free). Then, you will be able to play videos in Vivaldi.
    (Just so you know, and only for AAC, the licencing fees are very high, around a dollar per unit, that means for each download, Vivaldi should pay some licence owner 1$. Let's instead push Vimeo to change their codec :) )

  • Still seeing VB-8005 (Maximised Window Restored too Easily when Moving Tabs) and VB-8006 (Fullscreen Video often Fails to Display), neither of which Christopher was able to reproduce.

  • I have tested that. Nothing has changed. The page seems to inherit the color from the previous page which had a favicon (in most cases)

  • Are there chances that keyboard short-cuts (+ -) for zoom in/out of a webpage will be available sometime soon?

  • In case you meant me with "Christopher" (It's actually "Christoph"): it wasn't me.
    But nobody of us was able to reproduce any of these two so far. And we can't fix what we can't see.

  • I can confirm on windows 7 [64-bit]. to clarify: this only happens when vivaldi is maximized.

  • They should work, but aren't enabled by default. To enable them, go to Options > Keyboard and click to allow "single-key shortcuts".

  • Moderator

    Bug VB-7039 "Table overflows parent div horizontally on webpage"
    is fixed because Vivaldi changed to Chromium 44.0.2403.125

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