Snapshot - Draggable tab bar, favicons in the address bar and spatial navigation improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's build includes two nice changes to the tab bar, favicon support in the address bar dropdown, spatial navigation improvements and Windows installer fixes.

    See the full blog post here

  • Good afternoon :)

  • That is a pretty amazing number of updates in a very short time nice.
    And by the way I just wanted to say that I like the fact that non visited / loaded tabs have this "folded" upper right corner, very helpfull

  • I'm so excited :D So many builds in a short time :D will you keep working during august too? I won't be home, but when I come back I'd like to find a lot of updates!!! =) Thank you guys, you're great!! I'm waiting for the time to replace my old Opera 12

  • Just wanted to let you know once again updating makes me lose all my session, coupled with empty trash bin. Please, make a History page!

    Well, today's updates don't affect me much, but it's nice seeing you're updating the browser so fast - and with what I assume to be a large number of staff away from the office, nonetheless. Keep it up!

    Vivaldi is already my default browser, but there a few things bugging me. Whenever I open a URL from another source other than a browser, Vivaldi resizes to open said URL. Then we have the SD issues, not displaying dials properly. These are pretty annoying. Hope you're working on them.

  • Thank YOU

  • Well, since you're working on favicons, how about favicons in the bookmarks bar's folders? C'mon, it's time!

  • Moderator

    wget htp://

  • When dragging tabs, it sometimes behaves strange.
    I can get it to happen by having two tabs open an drag them around. At some point, I get it to look like this: Screenshot

    I have to close all tabs or restart Vivaldi to fix it.
    It's not a newly introduced bug.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    "which enables you to switch tabs more easily by just throwing your mouse all the way to the top."
    It is impossible in native mode

  • These tab bar improvements are great.Vivaldi is by far the best looking browser around, and that's without having to install any addons.

    Any word on the idea of chromeless ui favicons, RE this vs this?

  • I can not upgrade with the browser and direct download I get error at the end …

  • I can confirm this. Plus, in native mode, double-clicking the tab bar maximizes the window, but you can't drag it. I suppose it's less of an issue because there's the native window border, but it still seems to conflict with the expected behavior.

  • I wonder why “Switch tabs at edge of maximized windows” is not default. Most other browsers have this because it increases usability (Fitt's law).
    Also, “Switch tabs at edge of maximized windows” is a complicated way of saying "Disable tab bar's top space." Due to its odd wording, the function of “Switch tabs at edge of maximized windows” only was clear after I ticked the option.

  • Moderator

    Both are expected behaviour : if you active native window, you can't but tabbar at the top border, and you are expected to drag the window by the native controls.

  • Moderator

    Oh that would be nice !!!
    Just so you know, we already asked for a chromless UI per window, so you can have apps like your screenshot, and a normal web navigation in another window.

  • I have created a site where spatial navigation does not work: Link.

    It is mostly a proof of concept on why the current implementation can be faulty on some sites. The site does not directly try to remove spatial navigation elements.

  • Moderator

    It is Bug VB-7292

  • And Sync ? :(

  • Moderator

    Yes, some have download issues with Updater.
    From where are you connected to Internet?

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