Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi everyone,

    It has been a little over two months since we launched our last Technical Preview. After 7 weekly snapshots, lots of bug fixing and 4 weeks of the entire team working together in Magnolia, today, we are releasing the Vivaldi web browser Technical Preview 4!

    See the full blog post here

  • Wow

  • The TP4 is but the yesterday snapshot was 219.51. Something went wrong with the last one?
    In the blog team sidebar there is yet the old TP3 number: LATEST TECH PREVIEW Download v.

    Ciao, Igor (waiting for mail) :wink:

  • Exactly what I wanted to ask, 219.50 after 219.51, is that ok ?

  • Please please please add an option to have bookmark bar in the same line as address bar. I simply can't stand that bookmark bar on most browsers takes so much screen estate. On old Opera you could customize that.

    Example of what I mean - It's half baked as it's best I can get customization wise from current browser I use, but still it's better for me than a whole row.

    I would switch immediately if this small thing would be implemented, as the rest of features I need are more or less in.

  • wheres the download link. If this version is identical to the previous version, heres a list of bugs still not fixed since tp1

    bug: 16+ rows of speed dials leads to the text overlapping at bottom
    bug: when you right click "use as speed dial" on bookmark folders from bottom to top, the speed dials folders names don't change
    bug:- when removing speed dial folders that was added with "use as speed dial" from left to right in the speed dial tab, the speed dials folders name don't change
    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar
    bug: couldn't use middle mouse button to open bookmarks at bookmark bar inside bookmark folders
    bug:- Middle mouse button stop working on bookmarks if you have more than 5 bookmark folder expanded in panel. I simply closed some bookmark folders and middle mouse started working again. I think this bug occurs when a scroll bar appears on the bookmark panel
    bug: Control-Shift-V shortcut still show up for Paste as Plain Text when you right click URL context menu when it should be listed next to Paste and Go
    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click context menu. No pop up appear. Right click a bookmark on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder", nothing appears. New folder only work if you click the new folder icon at the top of the bookmark panel

  • It's different distribution channels. They are actually identical apart from that. ;)

  • can confirm about favicons, they also don't appear in bookmark bar

  • bookmarks bar still broken i want my favicons :(

  • Just answered that on Twitter, too. :P

  • Terrific work! :-)
    The TP4 feels a lot snappier and more responsive!
    bug: UI scaling still doesn't work properly; UI+homepages are blurry when using Windows 7 on DPI @ 150%.
    bug: when using a custon wallpaper the UI seems to become a lot slower.

  • Just curious who has has migrated totally over from opera? I was excited for Vivaldi when it came out, but I'm afraid to say Vivaldi is still not ready to be my main browser. Ever since Opera introduced their side bar. I found less reason to move plus there's just too many bugs related to bookmark/speed dials where middle mouse button stop working that have made this a difficult browser to use on a daily basis

  • lol, ok ^^

  • GREAT !

    It's been a fun ride till now…

    I hope it's finally time for 'UI / Tab Creation' Speed Optimizations

  • Moderator

    Patience, little grasshopper, everything will come in time :)

  • When will it be possible to Set the Cache level, as we could in Opera
    If you delete ALL Cache, then it removes ALL Speed Dial images.

  • I tried to completely migrate a few times but every time the sluggish behavior of Vivaldi set me back…

    I could make peace with the bugs but not the speed of Vivaldi... and since I'm a 'Shortcut' User, this sluggishness of UI / Tab Creation sets me back every time... especially since shortcuts don't work when a Tab is being spawned... it's as if the browser freezes when it's making a new Tab...

    But I'm sure I'll be switching to Vivaldi after Optimizations...

  • Vivaldi Team

    If you look in Settings -> Appearance -> Bookmark Bar Display, choose Text and Icon.
    Still nothing?

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