Snapshot - Crash fix before TP4

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    We are really close to TP status now. Before that happens we updated the translations some more and fixed an issue with Disqus.

    See the full blog post here

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  • When is the beta coming out?

  • Very soon ;)

  • I hope (soon) when mail client will be about ready.

  • Hm, that does not sound like the best workaround, would not it be better to just preent the pop-up window from closing then?

  • I thought it was TP4

  • Optimisation needed ASAP. Fans run like crazy, harder to run Vivaldi then Photoshop. That is simply funny. Another thing are extensions… Everything is coming together except these most basic parts of any browser :(

    Other then that, u guys are doing a fantastic job, so keep it up :)

  • More optimalization would be great. Maybe reduce startup time too. It usually takes about 10-15 seconds to start, in comparison other browser usually start in 1,5-3 seconds (on my computer of course -,-)..

  • Looks like Vivaldi won't load PDFs if you have Norwegian ÆØÅ in the file name, e.g. the link would be displayed as�rsberetning 2014.pdf. Works fine in Chrome.

  • All previous build crashes every second run. All the time there was one crash right after start and next run was succesful. This release crashes all the time before any GUI is renderred.
    In session I have 2 tabs that require HTTP Basic Auth (through SSL) so maybe the password dialog before GUI is renderred is the cause.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, Viv 32 Bit ver before this

    I hope I don't get FLAMED and criticized for saying this I don't know quite how to explain it. I listen to an EXTENSIVE security program that is WAY above my head but they were talking about a bug in Chrome and CHROMIUM Engine that Google has with hot spot go voice. They also remarked that it is sent to a third party to be analyzed and after processed then back to google, they called it a binary blurb.

    Apparently it turns on camera and mic in Debian install but not Windows. They also said at one time they liked chrome because it was small and efficient but now it is bloated and tracking etc. This was FYI in case all wanted to know or watch out for and Vivaldi could improve on.

  • I'm not sure if this is related to the latest snapshot, but now I suddenly don't have any bookmarks left – they're all gone!. The Speed Dial folder has disappeared, just as the Speed Dial entry in the bar at the top of the speed dial page (where you can switch between Speed Dial, Bookmarks and History). My History and other settings are intact. I haven't had any crashes, my bookmarks and bookmarks.bak files are virtually empty. ??

  • Yeah, that crash is known. But your session should be wiped automatically if it crashes on startup.

  • Win 7 64 bit Viv 32 bit

    Somewhat same here it closed ALL my previous session tabs

    I had open.@sipke:

    I'm not sure if this is related to the latest snapshot,

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    This issue was resolved a few weeks ago when Google stopped shipping Hot Words with Chromium. Now a user has to 1) install Hot Words on purpose and 2) intentionally enable it.

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    Yes, but no : it's the way disqus coded it, and that's the way Chrom(e|ium) is handling it too. So, globally, it's disqus fault :)

  • serious problems to download deb 64bits.

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    Sure, but this affected only Chrome/Chromium, and was fixed by them.
    Vivaldi uses the code of Chromium, but not all the bell and whistle that comes bundled to it. So this bug wasn't happening in Vivaldi.

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    Broken downloads? Yes, this may occur sometimes for some users.
    The Vivaldi admins know about this and try to fix this quickly.

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