Snapshot - A cleaner Speed Dial and lots of fixes

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    Before we dive right into some of the changes made in this week’s snapshot build, we thought we would spend a little bit time explaining our plan going forward.

    As our development continues on toward beta, we have added quite a few new features and made some significant changes to our products over the last two months, since TP3.

    Because many people around the world download Vivaldi browser TP3, a build available for public download from, we thought it would be a good idea to release another newer Technical preview based on the current snapshot code.

    As preparation for TP4, this snapshot focuses on mainly bug fixes, but sneaked in a few more customization options on Speed Dial!

    See the full blog post here

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    sudo apt-get install vivaldi-snapshot

  • I've upgraded the standalone installation (W7-64, V-32). I got an error message saying Vivaldi crashed. When I ran it manually my session was gone. How can I restore it? Also my speed dial is gone (actually it's replaced by another folder on speed dial). How can I have it back?

  • VB-5951 - Vertical menu leaves a blank space

    Especially glad to see this. That bug was quite a visual annoyance. As always, thanks for all of your work!

  • Vivaldi speed dial is looking good but I don't add my icons… still.. :(

  • I sent few bug reports, but where we can post feature requests? :)

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    I seem to be having trouble logging in to this blog if using the latest Vivaldi snapshot.

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    Thanks :)

    • Bug: If i add a new folder shortcut to the top speed dial bar (bookmarks, right click), it shows the name of the first folder each time.
    • Bug: The tab preview from a tab group doesn't disappear, if i open the settings window and move my mouse from the tab group preview to the settings window. So it looks a bit ugly with the tab group preview in the background all the time and very ugly if i change the menu position.
    • Bug (or feature request?): I can't move the position of a tab in a tab group (i try to move around the tab previews and the beams above the tab group).
    • Feature request: Can you add a right click option to tab groups that opens the complete tab group in a new window?

  • Seems nice, but I'm getting a can't find this version error page when i click on the mac dmg link…

  • Thks.
    Still crashing when i try to import Opera 12 data, just clicking on "import data"
    crashing when i try to "delete histori browser data"
    Some problems on UI, sometimes the tab bar and address bar disappear.
    #!++ by Debian 64bits

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    There's a topic in the Vivaldi Forum called "Vivaldi Feature Requests."

  • Thanks. Forgot about it.

  • Just a little UI glitch (buttons) when the browser language is set to german.

    Win8.1 x64

    Thanks for your hard work. 8)

  • I could recover tab URLs from history. I think you guys should add an option to export session data so that we can use it to restore in case something goes wrong during updates.

  • Bug: keyboard shortcuts of special ALT characters interfere with browser shortcuts. For example ALT + 064 which produces @ character. When pressing ALT + 064 on textarea, focus will be changed to address bar and after releasing 4 url will be replaced with @.
    Win8.1, Vivaldi:

  • Hi guys!

    Great new snapshot :) good work!

    I have some problems / questions (not sure if it is a problem).

    1. The "alt"-keys doesn't open the V-Menu. That's the default behaviour of windows –> Why is it not working?
    2. Do you know / use ALT+Space to open the "windows menu" from windows? There are 2 important shortcuts for this menu:
    • ALT+Space, n = minimize
    • ALT+Space, x = maximize
      Both aren't working with Vivaldi.
    1. Related to 2): Due to this issue no third party key-mapping software (e. g. Logitech Gaming Software) is working correctly on default shortcuts. For example: There is an option in Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) called "maximize" --> I can assign this default action to every mouse/keybord key. It's working in every program - except Vivaldi.

    Can you please have a look into it?

    OS: Windows 8.1 x64

    Thank you guys!


    New bug? I can't zoom the "about" page of Vivaldi with CTRL+MouseWheel.

  • I have a question : Is the mac version a 64 bits one ? If no, it could be a great project 'cause it improves a lot the stability.

  • thank you once again Vivaldi team!

    minor annoyances still remaining (win 7 x64, vivaldi x64):

    • ctrl + keypad is interpreted wrong. e.g. ctrl + (keypad /) is interpreted as Ctrl + O
    • shift + arrowleft/down doesn't work in the address bar (ctrl + shift + arrow for selecting words works though)
    • when V ask whether to remember the password of a site, the first click on "Nope" has no effect. It has to be clicked twice.

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    Javascript was disabled globally.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for reporting, it should be fixed now :)

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