Snapshot 1.0.212 - Mouse gestures with touchpad!

  • Hey everybody,

    While I am typically the guy with the bad news about snapshot delays, I have the honor of providing you all with the newest one today (on time. Yay! well, almost ). ;)

    This snapshot includes a new feature enhancement to our popular mouse gestures (more on that below) and a lot of fixes for the most frequently reported bugs from the last snapshot such as a blank extension page, issues related to mouse gestures and tab switching, the broken search box and various UI issues.

    Other than that, you can now finally install Adblock Plus if this is the ad blocker of your choice. It should no longer crash Vivaldi.

    See the full blog post here

  • Oh, finally a new snapshot!

  • Little annoyances I've noted whilst using Vivaldi;

    1. The startup page opens when you open an external link or html page. If I click on a link on the desktop for example I just expect to open the page, not the startup page as well.
    2. I'd still like a history for deleted bookmarks. It's still way too easy to delete them accidentally in the speed dial.
    3. I'd like the option to hide the panel by default on opening.
    4. You should be able to drag tabs out into their own Vivaldi window.

  • While I am typically the guy with the bad news about snapshot delays, I have the honor of providing you all with the newest one today (on time. Yay! well, almost ). ;)

    You're the best, Christoph! As always, thanks for all of your work. I REALLY like the idea of keyboard activated mouse gestures.

    Testing :wink:

  • Strange but 1) doesn't happen to me, what OS are you using? (Win 8.1 here)

  • Thanks for the new build, looking good! Now just proper extensions support (with icons) and rss feeds and I'm ready to switch once and for all (also assuming that by that time performance-wise Vivaldi will be on par with new Opera. But the way things are going that's almost given)

    Small request, can we please get the option to get rid of the + button in speedial like in old opera. I'm sure many people find it unnecessary (myself included).

    Also using the ESC key to close the "find in page" box. It's pretty annoying to have to use the mouse to close it. I think this is a regression from a few builds back.

    Ctrl+Enter (for automatically inserting www.*.com) seems to be broken again for me
    Strange now it works again :/

  • @Christoph.

    Strange. Usually there is nothing that triggers a delay like the sentence " we should have a new build tomorrow".

    This time the tradition is broken.

    I guess Murphy's law has a bug. :D

  • Nice! I really hated the UI at 100% and not being able to use the search box! And the tab switching order now reverses with the direction you're scrolling! Thanks for the update!

    Now if only you could fix the SP and implement HTML5 support, I'd change the browser to my default! On to the Beta!

  • Yeah, we know about the Esc closing issue. We're on it. ;)

  • It was actually a request that you guys came up with here in the Team blog. We just thought it's awesome and got it in for you. ;)

  • We'd love to fix SP for you, but what is SP? ^^

  • Reopen closed tab is not working for me… Not from Trash button, nor from Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Shift+T

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to import bookmarks, speed dial tiles etc from new Opera?

  • Strange, works fine for me. What OS are you using? (Win 8.1 here)

  • Moderator

    It works for me. Unless it's a page that was used to download something (like clicking on a build, dl it, close the tab, and trying to reopen it).

  • Just any page… I open a page, then close it with Ctrl+W. Click Trash icon - it's there. Try to reopen - it disappears from Trash icon list and nothing more happens.
    Just noticed a lot of entries in Windows task manager for Vivaldi (maybe 30), but I have only 9 actual tabs open. Will try to relunch Vivaldi now
    Edit It's working fine now.

  • mice. not "mouses" :)

  • While downloading a big file, doing the mouse down shortcut to open a new tab opens the url of the last download instead of the Speed Dial. I created a bug report for this.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Click on Vivaldi menu. File->Import data->From (Opera 15+)

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