Snapshot More visual improvements and better mouse support

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    Yup. I know…

  • The Extensions manager is blank—Installed extensions will continue to work

    I tried to install data compression proxy from chrome store
    CWS recognize Vivaldi (install button) but there is no effect at all (no compression)

    also…crx, locally drag and drop on extension page is not accepted
    page is blank, but extension does not work (simple dragging links)

  • Yay! Linux support: With the forward/backward keys working. Almost there for productive use = default browser.
    There currently is only the nasty bug with mouse gestures being garbled (seemingly, rather than broken): On Windows, for "open link in new tab" I expect the "down" gesture to work (did always work before, until .190 or so, now I have to do "up" to do so. Under Linux, I have to do "up-down" to do. On both Windows and Linux, "down" just closes the current tab which drives me mad.
    This must clearly be some mixup in the configuration. Where can I edit/change that?
    With all the tiny quirks remaining, it already is the best browser for me!

  • When I click a link in in an email on my old Opera 12, Outlook or another program like Skype, Vilvaldi starts, but it don't open a new tab with the desired website. When Vivaldi is already running the whole window is resized, if it was maximized, but now the website is opened.

  • Last time I tried "edit", I had to scroll to the bottom of the page to find my editable text ready to update.

    Edit: It still works in other browsers, so I guess it's just this version of Vivaldi browser that broke their own forums :oops:

  • Hi. When I get to a login page (any) the "do you want to save the password" pop-up appears twice. So, I have to choose my preferred option twice for the pop-up to disappear.

  • Yeah, I know. I just wanted a quick (and convenient) way to do it. 🙂

  • I noticed it won't edit the time you posted the comment. A refresh works. xD

  • Probably a bug, you decide. I'm using Vivaldi on dual monitor (laptop and monitor) and when I have it maximized on either one i cannot drag it by clicking and holding on the toolbar. I need to un-maximize it and only then I can drag the window to another monitor.

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    Just received an update notification. Eagerly awayting for blog post 😎

  • please add Game Speed Control: Speed up or slow down the game time running in Flash or web-page.

  • Doesn't happen anymore with the new snapshot (1.0.212). 🙂

  • I think what fyhn means is that in the old Opera the previously selected tab was accessible by "right mouse button + scroll down" (and the list of recent tabs appeared with current tab at the top and the all the other tabs sorted from most recent to least recent, so scrolling down to the previous tab made sense). In Vivaldi the same thing is achieved by "right mouse button + scroll UP", which just freaks out all of old Opera fans who got used to scrolling down to get to most recent tabs.

  • Strange… I usually put my index finger on scroll wheel when I need to scroll, so right button+scroll feels way more natural. Maybe this could be investigated further.
    Or - yeah - add an option. But I'm telling you: I'm pretty sure that a lot of people use index finger to scroll with the wheel, not the middle one.

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