Snapshot Improvements to Search Engine Management, Spatial Navigation, Gray look and the foundations for customisable mouse gestures

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, I'm a new Vivaldi employee, starting today. Perhaps I got the job because the Vivaldi team pays such careful attention to user feedback. ;) Anyway, I have taken a little time off from my coffee making duties to write this blog post.

    The highlights today are improvements to search engine management, spatial navigation, an alternative UI look and work in progress towards customisable mouse gestures. In addition, there are a number of nice, requested fixes (see the changelog below for details).

    See the full blog post here

  • Ruari! Welcome! :D

    Testing ;-)

  • Ruarí? What a great Surprise! Welcome!!

  • Welcome Ruari :wink:

  • Welcome! Testing now! :)
    EDIT: I noticed navigating thru SD like switching between multiple SDs and opening/closing sidebar items got a little sluggish compared to the last snapshots. Just sayin'.
    Thanks for VB-5627 and VB-2357 btw! ^^

  • @ruari: No weather-forecast? Seems like the time-of did you good ;-)

  • Nice to see familiar faces returning!
    After keeping quiet for some weeks, I feel entitled to ask for my (tiny! easy to implement!) pet feature again:
    A keyboard shortcut for "Home", please!
    And once that is done: please let "no images"/"show only cached images" propagate to "open link in new tab"-tabs!

  • Moderator

    Welcome, welcome, Ruiari!!!

  • Love to see you're adding those appearances changes as options, as opposed to what the new Opera and most browsers nowadays do. Now the biggest question: how do I change it back to the Dark Grey setting? I can't find the option to change anywhere.

  • Ruari? From Opera Desktop Team? What a pleasant surprise! Welcome!

  • Glad to see you here, Ruari! Grats with new job!
    And thanks for update.

  • What I find stressful in all Browsers:
    If you investigate on web, read articles and search in them and use the "Find in Page dialog" - you have to re-open the search dialog on every site again. It would be great if you had to close it manually - otherwise it stays open. Or make it permanently available with a lock symbol :)

  • So, Ruarí has gone Vivaldi. Not really that surprising :)

    And with him gone, there's probably no familiar face from the past left at Opera for me. Feels weird, man.

    But it would feel much worse if there wasn't Vivaldi, that's for sure :)

  • Welcome Ruari to the bright side fo force! :-)

  • Please, highlight title of the window with system color. Gray theme looks like always lost focus…

  • Hope private mode is soon. =)

  • I don't want to nag but I still wanna request auto highlighting of tabstack thumbnail tooltips of the active tab, guys. Preferably a more darker color other than gray or at least the system color of the tab. I hope you have it in the works. :D

  • Vivaldi Team

    There are not really that many named Ruarí who deals with browser QA and much more :)

  • Vivaldi Team

    We will have an option for 'Light' and 'Dark' themes later on. Meanwhile, this was a change to the default setting when disabling coloring. Also, we will add the possibility to add your own colors for the entire UI so you can be in complete control.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We will add 'Light' and 'Dark' modes in future updates.

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