Snapshot Startup settings and tab-switching performance

  • Thanks, Chris, that's good to know!

    When the latest Vivaldi Technical Preview and Developer snapshot were being released I was upgrading the Operating System on my machine from XP Pro sp3 x86 to Win7 x64 sp1 because Chrome/Vivaldi doesn't support DirectX 9c, the last version of DirectX for Windows XP. According to the report from the vivaldi://gpu page, the entire browser video subsystem was running in software emulation mode with all of the hardware acceleration and a couple of Gigabyes of video memory left standing in the corner all by itself, sulking. The most impressive thing about its performance was that it worked. 😎

    I don't use mouse gestures so I have no idea how they work but you do know that eventually someone will have to TYPE something with a mail client and Vivaldi's keyboard handling is still lagging behind a certain vocal segment of the audience, "Oh! Oh! Stack more tabs into a single tab that's almost indistinguishable from other tabs with a reverse mouse gesture-doublebackflip and make it do the purple rainbow swirly hummer thing again please please please!" Right now, the stacked tabs are useful if you already know what's in them, sort of like a certain OS Search engine that finds files for you if you already know the name and location of the files you want to find.

    Yes, gestures are important for using a browser with a tablet or mobile phone with a touchscreen and some reasonable facsimile of a rudimentary text input simulator and it's probably really handy if you want to use Vivaldi from your couch to watch YouTube videos all day or control your home entertainment center from a research outpost in Antarctica with your iPad/Phone/Player but right now, using Vivaldi with an actual keyboard is sort of nostalgic.

    In certain text input modes it's like using a Vivaldi terminal emulator over a dial-up connection with a 300 baud modem and no error correction for a full-duplex session between Lompoc and Botswanavax with local-echo OFF. Bring on the mail client… :shock:

    For the multimedia gesture stackers: the HTML5 media player works flawlessly with YouTube and other sites until the GUI disappears in a flash -- but no puff of magic purple smoke, thank you! That has left as many as ten separate Vivaldi processes running with no UI and the now-uncontrollable player keeps playing, naturally, but Vivaldi will not restart until all of it's former processes have been swept out of the Task Manager by hand.

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  • Nice job with! One note: pinned tabs should not go away when Starting page is set to "Specific pages". I.e. If a page is declared as a Startup page, on Vivaldi start-up that page should show up ALONG WITH a previously pinned tab. (Otherwise what's the point of pinned tabs.)

  • This build's install (update) ran on and on (twice), so I had to manually stop it. But when I tried the last build, it turns out to have actually installed.

    I note that it still opens to the last seen page. What's the point of a home page?

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