Snapshot Better keyboard-shortcut editing and user statistics

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    Glad to hear. It just began happening to me a few days after installing the update so I didn't think it could be Vivaldi but maybe some website.

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    It happens to me to. I really hope this can be eliminated; the sooner the better.

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  • Are there any plans for a public bug tracker? It would let us avoid bugging you with redundant bug reports. 😉

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    I see that my feeling of deja vu was justified. 😉

    My previous comment in that thread, at :

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    I wonder why the Vivaldi devs chose not to use that ?

  • It seems to wait a long long while to Get This Browser Get Ready! for me i'm so tired to wait and wait for so long! I Hate the way make US Waiting for a New Snapshot and TECH PREVIEW AND TO LEAD TO A the new Beta! Sucks! I Switch back to Firefox cause all what i used to use daily NOT available on ya Browser! ALL WHAT I SEE NOTHING ONLY BEAUTIFUL BROWSER NOT AT ALL NO SECURITY NO PERFORMANCE, VIVALDI IS A BROWSER BASED ON AESTHETICALLY STYLED. GOODBYE VIVA HEARING FROM YOU WHEN A REAL VERSION WILL BE ISSUED! CIAO! NOTHING'S SPECIAL NOTHING'S NEW SINCE THE FIRST TP & SNAP

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    Some people clearly should not be testing pre-release software. Anyone, for instance, who sees the most rapid development process I have ever witnessed as "wait a long while" is clearly in this category. Everyone wants what they want, and they want it yesterday. Those of us with a temperament suited to testing, however, can understand that certain things don't happen overnight.

    Others, however, should DEFINITELY wait for "…when a real version will be issued!" in order to sample the goods. And everyone will be happier for it.

  • For your proper information, i started using Vivaldi since 1st Time even 1st Second from their 1st Issue, and i'm GLAD TO STAY HERE TILL THE 1st RELEASE I WON'T MISS THIS GREAT MOMENT! VIVA VIVALDI VIVA! WHOOOHOO! I WROTE THE PREVIOUS COMMENT JUST FOR KIDDING :lol::roll::roll::roll::D

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    I'm not sure if you are aware of this. On Windows 10 (build 10074) Vivaldi when maximized is bigger than the screen. Look here:

  • Are there any plans to have preferences in the forum settings eg

    Latest replies on the top of the list instead of having to drag down to the bottom each time you wish to read latest replies??
    Maybe email advice of a reply to your earlier comments??

    Thanks love the new Vivaldi keep up the great work

  • Change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\PaddedBorderWidth

    From -60 to 0 and reboot.

  • Sorry going to have to say this again but I would like the ability to fully customize the commands with alot of the command lines from opera.

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    No public BT.
    Its less work for the internal helpers to check for duplicates. 😉

  • Confirmed.

  • Bug fixed? For the first time ever with Vivaldi, the installer for this version crashed on first run through. The second time worked as it should. However…

    (For some possibly unrelated reasons,) I rebooted this Vista32 computer (something I rarely do - maybe once every few weeks) and as it restarted, a dialog box over the Desktop splash screen pointed out that a file called 'C:\Program' may cause problems and it offered to rename it to 'C:\Program1'. I said 'No'

    Investigating a few moments later, after the boot sequence had completed, I could see that I had a folder structure on my C: drive which went like this:


    • Application
    • Dictionaries

    There was about 415 MB of files in there. This was obviously left over from the previous 2 installs -- both of which, to me, seemed to go perfectly normally.

    I manually renamed C:\Program to something else and Windows hasn't complained since. The folders will remain there in case anyone wants to know exactly what lurks beneath the + folders (lots!)

    So... because I don't have a - + folder structure, am I to assume this bug has been found and squashed? Or did nobody notice it?

  • Bug Still present in this version is the bug whereby, occasionally, the 'x' Close UI element doesn't appear on a tab when I hover it.

    What happens is that I move the mouse over a tab (current or background) and the little 'x' (in the top right-hand corner) doesn't appear.
    I move off the tab and then back on and it may appear. If it didn't appear, a further off/on will almost certainly make the x appear.

    If it hasn't appeared, clicking in the area where it should appear, does nothing.

    As I say, it's about a 10-20% failure rate.

    Setup: Vista 32, ATi X1300PRO video card,
    (o) Use Tab Tooltips,
    (o) Color Active Tab,
    TabPosition > Right

    Not affected by [-]Use Native Window

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    This bug only existed in earlier version. You can safely delete those folders.

  • Hi
    i just found vivaldi :lol::D, and im opera 12.15 user:roll:
    i think in pannel bar something is missing!😕 i really love LINKS:P tabs in old opera, are u any plan to bring that to vivaldi?

    PS: I think Disqus Commenting is perfect for this Blog 🙂

  • Hope to see more configurable keyboard actions, including Spatnav, scrolling, and opening a link.


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