Snapshot Better keyboard-shortcut editing and user statistics

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    Beats me. My Win7 copy is humming right along. And with four tabs open and no extensions, I have seven processes - just as I would expect.

    • Videos from not starting.
    • Can't open SpeedDials with mouse scroller (button 3)
    • Settings Dialogue opens in wrong position (in dual/second monitor) loads on the first one, not in the browser centre for example.
    • There's no option to disable tab resizing preview.
    • Inspect Element isn't fixed in the browser.
    • videos not working too!
    • Youtube player is broken, when video is on full-screen then it's hard to show the player options on

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    Heh. Vivaldi can't show the image in the tinypic link above. You have to open it in a different browser.

  • Nice layout for the shortcuts section. Way better. Now we only need "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons.

    During the previous week build, I had a few problem with Youtube. One of them was that, when trying to comment on a video, my thumbnail would disappear, giving space to a generic one that's used when the user doesn't have a profile pic, and the "Comment" button would fade out, making it impossible to comment. This problem still happens even on this week's build. Please, look into it.

    Another problem I've had, again with Youtube, was that starting some videos would make Vivaldi close, but not a single of its processes would cease, requiring manual cancellation through the Task Manager. It still hasn't happened to me in this new build, but I will send word if it does happen.

    Windows 7 x64, Vivaldi x64 build.

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    Edit: Now it shows. Don't know what changed.

  • @olli:

    We did a silent update the Technical Preview 3 with some string that was not correctly translated yes 🙂

    I ignored the TP3 update and am not being offered this one.

    Is it safe to download install this one manually to overwrite my TP3 ?

  • Doing THAT in itself would be a performance boost of sorts. 😉

  • @YamiryuuZero:

    Nice layout for the shortcuts section. Way better. Now we only need "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons….

    I did not pay attention to that area in the past.

    Looks pretty good though.

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    Yes. For some reason it's not being detected by auto-update on my installs, either, though the TP3 micro-update was. So I just downloaded and installed over 162.9 and all is well.

  • ~
    I think that I read somewhere (here or in the forum) that the TP releases are on a different 'update channel' than the regular snapshots, and they do not 'see' each other's update candidates.

    After I overwrite as I said above, I anticipate that it will then see the NEXT regular update.

    That said, I may well hold off anyway for a few more days, as I have been editing my bundle.js file, and would have to do the same edits to the next one, if I wish to maintain the current status of my evil experiments, mua-ha-ha-ha ! 😎

    HEY, they don't have the emoticon for EVIL in the blog, only in the forum. :shock:

    BTW, what I've been doing in there (in addition to the Menu Editing mentioned a few days ago in the forum - ) is working on adding more buttons to the UI, and have had a fair bit of success in making extra buttons appear, but not as much luck in connecting them to existing or new commands which I want to trigger, and having anything happen when I click on a new button.

    There seems to be some categorization of the internal command functions happening, and some command functions cannot be used with buttons created in a different category, as I see it so far.

    But I HAVE had enough success to keep me going, studying the innards of that javascript monster.

    I have not bothered to learn much about how to write extensions yet, but I figured that I should learn what's happening internally, to assist me later with that endgame.

  • Damn… It's a quite faster now! No tabs glitches so far... Well, very nice. I'll keep testing it. Thanks a lot.

    W8.1 x64.

  • opera's usage collection concluded that people don't want bookmarks any more. Worst conclusion ever

  • I know Vivaldi has come a long way, and more is still being done. I don't say this about software cause it's not often true (not for me anyway); I love using this browser! It causes me to have a joyful expectation about surfing the web-it's fun to use. I'd been using Opera for a long time, even after the changes from version 12. I'm so glad this browser project was started cause it's what Opera should be right now. I uninstalled Opera and I've been using Vivaldi ever since. Keep this project going cause it makes sense and what your developers are doing is building a solid, user-friendly product that's responsive to the people using it–that's unique.

  • To be able to serve you, our users and friends, in the best possible way, we need to know a little about you.

    We need to know how many you are, what HW/OS you have and where in the world and which language you use. This helps us make the right priorities on our resources.

    OS Windows 7, Malaysia, Malay but preferred in English when browsing…
    Have a nice day...

    btw why on windows 10 preview the tab tooltip is fixed on white border on that tabs. but not fixed on win 7? and the tooltips still across the second monitor...

  • As always, good job guys !

    BUT I really hope this "Getting user data" and doing a "Research" on them, wouldn't result in what Opera Software did to it's user base :

    " We Did Some Research On Your 'Use Cases' and we found out MOST of you don't use mail, notes, windows, stacks, customizable UI, etc… so WE thought how great It'd be if we rid Opera of them and then we made you 'ChrOpera' "

  • By The Way, I'm requesting a shortcut for taking notes automatically… It was "Ctrl + Shift + C" back in Opera...

  • Awesome! Thanks for the new snapshot!

    I have another request. Since Mail is coming soon, please implement a behavior or functionality that will prevent accidental closing of the browser. We do love our CTRL+F4s and CMD+Qs. 🙂
    Maybe a dialogue box for example confirming the exit and/or adding an option when clicking on the 'X' button, the browser will minimize to tray in Windows, much like with old Opera. This is essential since I minimize Thunderbird to tray so that I don't have to re-launch the application when I accidentally close it. It's one of the features I really missed with old Opera and gone with Opium.

  • The tab thumbnails aspect ratio is a known bug

    About the badge: Here the badge menu closes as soon as the overlay blends in. Are you perhaps using Linux?


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