Snapshot Better keyboard-shortcut editing and user statistics

  • Hi,

    Last week was busy with TP3 launch. We are happy to see we have gotten one step closer to Beta 🙂

    We are starting a new week with another snapshot. This week, we have polished keyboard shortcut settings.

    It’s now easier to change shortcuts and you can have more than one shortcuts per action.

    See the full blog post here

  • First! Thanks for this weeks update! keep up the great work!

  • also as a side note I have noticed running vivaldi in native windows mode makes vivaldi run much better on my pc's.

  • Thanks for being open about what data is collected and sent to you.
    Why isn't GFX info sent as well? That's a big part of the browser performance today.

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  • Moderator

    Thanks for the new build. I see the promised performance improvements didn't make it into this one. Here's hoping that they'll be in the next build. 😉

  • Hopefully next week you should see some nice improvements on performance 🙂

  • This one has some strange bugs - like url bar popping out in random moments - for example: or going blank.
    Also, if you focus in the url bar and press tab it changes to the bookmark icon, next tab is the search icon, and the third tab is the search icon - is this a feature or will it be fixed later on?

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    For the shortcuts, it's not evident that they are differents shortcuts, it look like they are a big combination of keys needed to perform the action. I don't have the solution here, maybe a bit more space between shortcuts, or a bigger margin. I really don't know.
    Also, 'esc' doesn't seem to loose the focus on the shortcut edit box, as is clicking anywhere else. It might be a little "dangerous" : I almost redefined my shortcuts without knowing it, because the focus wasn't lost.
    And finally, the cherry on top would be for the default shortcuts to detect the keyboard layout. Because Z-X for previous-next is fine in QWERTY but less easy on AZERTY.

    For the gathering of information part, it might be a good idea to state so somewhere in Vivaldi, maybe the about page, describing what, why, and the values you are gathering. Just for transparency sake.

    For the tabs thumbnails, they look prettier, but I had two little bugs : first, they don't seem to be adaptive height wise : there is a large block of whitespace below every thumbnail, even if the full screen is captured. And secondly, very very often, I can see a little thumbnail of another tab on the thumbnail I'm looking at. It seems to be a timing issue when switching tabs too fast for the browser.

    Also, when clicking on a https site badge, the menu is really ugly (it has a black background around the edges, and seems to be drawn at (0,0) and then moved), but also, when we click on "cookies and datas for this page", the menu stays open, hiding the window below it.

    And I think that's all for me today.

  • Here (W8.1, x64, DE) in the 32Bit-Version editing Keyboard-Shortcuts is completly broken. If I want to assign an already used Combination, I get a Hint, but if I use an unbound one nothing happens.
    Example: Wanted to use Strg+Q as "Quit", so I tried that and got the Hint that it is already used. Had to search it and deleted it (2nd assigned default-shortcut for "F2") and tried to assign it for "Quit", but nothing happened. Restart Vivaldi did not help.
    EDIT: I auto-updated from the last version.

  • First impression, full Czech localization, much faster response, thanks!

  • It's good to be able to edit shortcuts easier but could you also put good default shortcuts?
    The shortcuts for previous and next tab (3 and 4 on the numeric pad) aren't good because they aren't next to each other and they are in the wrong order. Could you change these shortcuts to 1 and 2? Or to 4 and 5?

  • Wow, two builds in a day rarely happens.


  • what?

  • autoupdate just made another taskbar shortcut here… (pinned 2nd Vivaldi)

    my first (added by me) has this rout:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Application\vivaldi.exe"
    second (occurred after this update) is the same:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Application\vivaldi.exe"

    can anyone confirm it or say if it's known/reported before I do? thanks
    win 8.1 x64 with this x32 build

  • I noticed after the update, the previous version folder (.162) was left over in the "\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application" folder. Is this intentional? Can I delete it? (Should I delete it?)

  • Speaking about Czech translations: Every single time it's already translated that day we receive it. Most of the time we beat China guys that are fast too :x Though, it takes some time before it's merged to a build.
    Anyway, you are welcome here 🙂 (Czech translator, feel free to PM me any issues about translations)

  • Just an FYI - Panda antivirus flagged the 64 bit version as a virus.

    Also - when is minimum font size coming?

    Edit: Intel i3 mobile CPU 2.16 GHZ, Windows 10, 4 gigs RAM

  • it's "backup" and normal behaviour for (AFAIK) all Chromium based browsers. Every time just 2 last versions should stay (the one which is up to date and the first "old" build just in case something gets wrong). So after another update you should see this build and a new one. the .162 should disappear.

    Anyway, it's just a backup so it's not really necessary to keep it there.

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    No luck getting this build to open properly. 18 processes running just for a speed dial tab. Won't launch. Deleting application folder and reinstalling instead of updating.

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