TP3 is here!

  • It seems to be linked to the download panel. If you open the download panel and "Remove all transfers" it stops working. Incidentally, "Remove all transfers" also does not work. It does the same as "Remove" and removes only 1 transfer. (Windows 7, 32 bit).

  • I have reported this using the bug report form for a previous release, but since it happened again using TP3. I wanted to share it with the blog.

    When having the developer console open and using the recycle bin, the page will be reopend in the developer console. When closing the developer console, the page will not reappear in the recycle bin.

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    Yust a hint: We need mor support for people with disablilties!
    Teh worls is getting older ;)

    • better theming
    • better navigation with keyboard
    • better support of screenreaders

    f.ex Vivaldi does not use the window theme of OS.
    If i switch to High Contrast theme on Windows 7, nothing happens (i know its a TP).

    Well, i'll report it, singing some Sopranos :)

  • To avoid confusion, I suggest keeping ChrOpera for the new one and calling the old one PrOpera. :wink:

  • The native window support is nice (I'm on Windows 7) but the window displays no title.

  • Some of my speed dials have a page image in them, but most of them are plain black. Mouse over reveals a reload button, but that doesn't always work.

  • The new bookmark folder icon is hideous, especially when bar is red. And still no icons for bookmarks inside a folder :(
    Other than that, good job ;)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Clearly this is a place where we aim to do well and where we did a lot of work at Opera as well.

    Theming is on the way. And it will evolve based on your feedback.

    Keyboard shortcuts is clearly something we take very seriously. You should be able to get to all functions using the keyboard and you should be able to do it quickly. Spatial navigation is a big part of that and we are working on that. But there is plenty left to do both there and in other places as we work on focus issues and the like.

    Quick command is another keyboard centric feature. You should be able to do very many things straight from there.

    We will get back to screen reader support and how best to integrate with that. But our zoom functionality should be very useful as well for those that have limited sight.

    With respect to OS integration, we do aim to be more cross platform. But we provide the option to use native windows. We do aim to be better than others at giving you the flexibility you need.


  • When you choose "New Tab", clicking in a existent tab on right click menu, nothing happens. Using Windows 8.1 x64.

    How can I install flash plugins on Vivaldi? Some videos don't play asking for plugins…

    And will all the panels, or at least the mail, notes and bookmark panels have full window forms, not only the side (and tight) panels, like our great ancient Opera?

    Thanks for your excellent work, people!

  • You need PPAPI flash plugin instead NPAPI.

  • Thank you for this hint …. much appreciated

  • Hey, that did trick! Thanks a lot, SomiKnight!

  • Same problem DITTO hasn't ever been correct.

  • Well done team Vivaldi! Keep up congratulations! 8)
    There is a problem with this site, please take a look at you too !? :roll:



  • Thanks a lot for that tip!

  • Few problems with Youtube:
    1- When a video needs the missing codecs to run, it will automatically switch to Flash. On Vivaldi, the Flash player runs awfully laggy-ish when switched automatically.
    2- When trying to comment on a Youtube video, the comment box that was previously displaying the current user Thumbnail suddenly gets switched to a generic blue icon (the same of when the user has no thumbnail), and the "comment" button gets darkened, forbidding you from commenting. Replying to comments seems to work just fine, though.

    I have only experienced this kind of issue with Vivaldi TP3 so far.

  • On W7 the settings menu is often freezing. The menu does not change even if I select another in the settings menu bar

    Edit: Seem to be a problem if you select the last item of the menu bar (might be labled as "all settings". I am using the german version, so it might be an other lable text in the english version)

  • Can't play this video (I think it's a HULU video):

    Anyone can confirm same issue?

  • I can't imagine nobody mentioned that "clone tab" is not actually cloning anything (probably someone already did). It literally just opens a new tab with the same url, it doesn't preserve the history of the tab.

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    Vivaldi shows gray page with Outdated plugin :/
    No integration of Adobe plugins, specially Adobe Reader PDF DC (15.7.20033.133275) plugin anymore?

    Is there a blacklist in Vivaldi for Plugins?
    How can i reactivate the plugin?

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