TP3 is here!

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    I hope it's a M3 day today. :roll:

  • Interesting. An entry on which blog? desktop one? The dev one?

  • Yes, it seems to be related to the fact that comments are pulled into here via JS, not as initial HTML. Vivaldi probably tries to jump to the remembered position too soon after the page loads, fails to do so because the page isn't that long yet, and gives up. Then the comments finish loading.

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    Oh, I was hoping for a new treat today. More waiting … LOL.

  • The TP3 has now a new build downloadable from (

    Not sure if other fixes are present but now the (60+) untranslated strings present on the latest builds are gone.

    Thanks to Jon, Shpankov, and the other devs for this .

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    Was REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLY hoping for M3 this time. If Beta is our next major step, we need some time to iron out bugs in mail.

  • Suggestion: Make the page loading indicator (in the addressfield) more visible, currently is hard to tell if the page is actually loading.


  • The browser is looking better and better in every major update, tons of bugfixing, tons of very useful features that other rowsers lack by default.
    Thank you for regrouping and making a new browser that is functionally and technically superior to all other browsers like old Opera was.

    Is tab stacking toggleable? Was never a fan of those.
    Will it be possible to configure Vivaldi to use ram to buffer everything?

    Good luck with further development!

  • I have a very annoying thing!
    After I switched tab, in 5-30 seconds, Address bar is opened spontaneous and URL is replaced by word "undefined" or last entered phrase or URL. In each window are different phrases. Every time I need to click on Address bar and press ESC twice to return original URL. 😞
    Everything was OK in snapshot (32bit)
    I have 2 windows (about 40 and 10 tabs) Win7 (64bit)

  • Sometimes happened to me too the "undefined" problem.

  • To expand on what Gwen-Dragon said, the ability to change font, font size, and colours (i.e. like 'skins') goes a really long way toward usability. Also, a lot of people use older computers and the screen's color contrast just isn't that great. I wish I could post a screenshot to show you how washed out everything is. Also, the ability to zoom text only would be a great help.

    Opera was my browser from 3.x(?) in the 90's until they dumped Presto…I'm so glad to have Vivaldi!

    Posted from my Lenovo X301 using Ubuntu 14.04LTS

  • Auto update doesn't work on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It doesn't know I'm connected to the internet, which is always-on DSL.

  • It doesn't work in 64-bit version for now, we all hope it will in the near future.

  • Thanks a lot for all this. I'm still using opera12 as it gives me at least some control over what is done to my computer. I tried to import opera12 information and profile, but it did not succeed. BTW, get inspired by the otter-browser… 🙂

  • Hi. An avid Opera lover since forever, I had to use vers. 12 to have something useful. I stumbled upon Vivaldi in 2014, left it again (terrible layout) and downloaded it again to test the TP3: WOW!!
    Great job guys. Lightning fast, steady, clear, nice design (especially that the active tab is a very different colour than the inactive is great) I hope that the forms function, toggle sidebar function and skins will be developed. Great job, and now my default, from which other browsers are measured

  • BTW: Using Ubuntu 64, Vivaldi works like a charm.

  • Sorry: one more thing: the double click to close tabs is a winner. Very nice touch, haven,t seen it anywhere before.

  • Tab Stacking is a tickable option? You got me. I'm eternally thankful!

  • This post is deleted!

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